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I  had to leave the house at fifteen years old i did nothing wrong but  they wanted me to leave anyway because the rooms were big enough for my uncles to stay so they said to me your clothes are out back and i have alot of clothes so i had my boyfriend Arlez(HEs a Xboyfriend now) pick me up and try to find where i would live he suggested his house i suggested being independent at the end of the day I ended up living there every single day after the three months i was living with him we argued everyday for another  whole month and saturdays we kept from eachother(our relationship we fight all the time it was our thing)i tryed to find a place to live without him knowing and when he found out he was pissed  and he soon helped me out my family found out i was staying with him and they were so upset they told me to find another place or i couldnt talk to them or see them i was so angry  but then later on i found a nice apartment had a well paying  job and lived pretty good.i now buy my own clothes,jewelry,shoes, products, my own trips,   pay for my own gas and dont  need SH!t from men anymore. so forget all you men who thinks we women need you.you all can get the finger.  LITERALLY!!! I AM AN INDEPENDENT WOMAN




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1 Response Mar 2, 2010

You're very attractive and I'm a woman and not gay but appreciate beauty. I think it's cool that you got yourself together, work, don't need a man, feel good about yourself and truly are an independent woman, especially after going through a serious rejection at a young age. I also was forced to move out of my house at age 15 since it was so violent and I was going downhill. . Good Job! velvetflow