Are You An Indian Lesbian?

Are you an Indian lesbian? Want to connect with other Indian girls? Wanna share your experience?
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Yeah.. no experience to share but I wanna be friends..

aryanarora19a86@gmail.comWell placed straight acting n looking manly gay male searching lesbian girl for marriage of convenience, if interested Pl write

May I know little about you, I am interested in moc with lesbian,could you write at

Dear Ms,
I am an MBA working in US, person of Indian origin, straight looking, gentle, honest, cool, fun loving, person having gay tendency, looking for a lesbian girl for MOC and lifelong companionship. Looking forward to hear from the interested.

Hi girls, my name is Rachael and I was born in South-America with roots from India (however, haven't been to India YET). I like girls (wink, wink) and I understand how difficult it must be for some girls to find people that can relate to their situation (not just in India, but all over the world). This is why I created this online community for women all over the world who are or think they might be into other women. Feel free to visit the site, create an account and participate in this community who is here to help girls connect (platonic as well as non-platonic, you make your own rules on how people engage with you). The site is called and I am the admin called Shushemdotcom. Message me on Shushem if you wanna talk :-)

Hi! Yes i am lesbian indian too. I live in the US florida and would like too find someone who i can care for and treat a lady like a lady. Well settled. Please hola back if any1 interested to know me better.

Hello, I just discovered this forum. I am glad to see more people in similar situations. Thank you for making this group. Makes me feel a lot less alone. I am also an Indian lesbian. I have come out to my friends, all of whom were very accepting, however I still fear coming out to my parents. Often I contemplate settling abroad, but it seems like a silly reason to flee the country. One shouldn't have to choose between love and home. Have fallen for straight girls all my life. Kind of sad. But looking at this page gives me hope that I might actually bump into an Indian lesbian someday :)

Same here... if interested to ge t in touch with... ping at vanitha.p 8 2 8 5 g m a i l . c o m

hey, i m lesbian
would like to chat with you

Same here... if interested to ge t in touch with... ping at vanitha.p 8 2 8 5 @ g m a i l . c o m

I am a 21 year old gay Punjabi gay raised in the US in the east coast looking for a closeted lesbian for a MOC in the far future. I am very nice and love living life to the fullest. I am a straight acting gay and have a very well maintained straight status (no one knows I am gay). I think our relationship will be like any other couple and full of respect.
I love my culture and know how to speak Hindi and of course I am from a very traditional indian desi family. I love indian food! I am actually in college right now but I know I should start looking for someone for the future. So if anyone wants to "dating" lets try it out? I am not looking for marriage right away but in the future we can definitely get married and have each other for emotional support. its a tough life but you have to make what you can of it. Contact me if your interested :)

Lol Just some freaky lezbo chat

me too.

ya i am...

Hey ladies looking for some one real add me


so good to be home....♥♥

im pinky from chennai...

any lesb intrtd can contact me....

Yes indeed I love women :) and wow so many indian lesbians I had no idea you existed. This makes me oh so happy

add me babe

yes! totallyy.m glad i came across this blog and amazingly for the first time i see some genuine lesbians here! glad no fakers around !:)

add me

Hi sweet people.

Good to read above comments, infact I would want to join a hand here as well. Im pleased to know all of you for a better and healthier networking.
Acceptance is what needed within all of us though we are from various roots and parts of the world. We are living in one planet and it is uttermost our choice to make a happy and prosperous living. What makes us happy highly depending with what and which we are connecting to soulfully. So yes, I wish and always hope the best and better for every one of us living in this beautiful planet. Nothing is wrong and nothing is right, its us who get tune with the thoughts and living a life :)
Lets love all. Lets support each other. Peace.

yes, i am! and i have seen the most amazing love stories of women in love in india. all i want you to know is that there is always a way out of any problem... and i am not talking about a way out of feeling for the same sex! same-sex feelings have been a reality in this country ever since it came into being. yes, we are here, yes, we are indian, and since many here are in the closet: i want you to know that there are many who live on their own or with their partner, make decisions about their lives and some are even out to their parents!

yes m

hey..................yes i m ........

All I want is have a MOC with a gay guy from my religion, from US to cover it up :(

I have a feeling you might be too old but my brother is gay and in the us. He might want an moc or have u as his gf first. Only thing is he's looking for a Christian girl to make my parents happy

i am a 24-year-old lesbian (living like a stright )from andhrapradesh, India .I loved my best friend from m childhood i told her That i love her as shez a stright girl she didnt take it seriously but i never told her how I really feel for her, bcz i thought she will hate me , i dont want to spoil our friendship now She's getting married , it hurts me so much when shez talking about her wouldb and telling me few of their conversations :( i am so lost and feel like i m dying inside , i m tired of life tired of dealing with this situation :( i want and need to move on 'what should i do?

Be brave. that all I can say.
I have gone through similar situation where you cannot express your love.
Its difficult in India for lesbian & bisexual women.

Hay :) finally found a good blog for lesbians ,here i can share m real feelings which i was not able to share with my parents nd friends :(

I want some lesbian friends.

You can be my friend :)

omg 1 847 views which means so many lesbians r thr in india infact it should be atleast 10 times more than tat ......goign by the idea as to hoaw many will be on ep........good job sri

I am an Indian tomboy.I have a gf. but do not know what to do.our society does not allow this..i wish to connect and share experiences with all other persons who are facing the same situation

I knew that there must be lesbians in india, and im glad that im not alone here.... But the problem is this society, parents... how could we survive like this. I mean everyone cant fly away and settle outside...But we dont have other option to.... Its really very complicated...

Of course you are not alone.. There are a lot of us. But most of us have not come out of the closet yet. Society is adapting.. And I'm sure the coming generations will have a better life. As far as we are concerned, well.. We are the cursed lot. We are not ignorant enough to NOT realize that we are gay (like the previous generations) and trust me, ignorance IS bliss. Neither is our society open enough to accept us, YET.
Settling overseas isn't a solution either. Of course the western cultures are more accepting to gay life, but we can't run away from our roots.
I understand when you say it's complicated since I'm experiencing the same. But, when I came out to my best friends, they were more than supportive. Even though they are Indians.
All I'm trying to say is, there's hope.

yahhh thats what we need now HOPE...

Im a girl and hv bin loonking out for girls for a honest friendship/Life long Relationship butThere has never been any response from any sites I have registered myself at.I hv bin sending mails to several girls bt none responded.

Well, you never sent a mail to me. ;)

revert bck to me .. .v can hv a good chat

story of my life !!

im intrtd..
im pinky frm indian

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count me in.

Im an indian lesbian, I am 15 yrs old. I am out the closet at school. But im worried 24/7 bout wat should I tell my parents? what if they find out? Im really scared and I sometimes wish i never was a lesbian, due to being a punjabi jatt :'( I was born a lesbian and I can't help it, its killing me like mad!! Wats even worse is that i fit in a stereotypical lesbian category and some people know im lesbian, but they dont say anything. I am a soft butch and different from all the girls in the school, I wear baggy joggers or baggy jeans. Both girls and guys joggers, i dont want to be a guy I just feel comfortable with wat i wear and its cheaper :). I really dont know wat to do, I dont want to get married to a guy, Cause I know I won't be satisfied and scared that he will beat me up. But girls are more understanding and know your hormones and mood swings, they're also more affectionate, romantic and passionate and hopefully not aggressive. Well not every girl is wat i mentioned above, but when i hav found the right girl, I hope for the best :D

thankyou for replying a trying to help me :) i much appreciate it! my email is :)

at last glad to know thr r lesbians i n india,so im not the only exception here.............

Ofcourse not.we are all here with same feelings.But the problem is we are all in closet still scared