It’s hard enough to be female in India, a country where a woman is raped every hour, a bride is set on fire every six hours in a dowry dispute and 80 percent of illegally aborted foetuses are female, according to government estimates.

Add to that a male-dominated society deeply conservative about sexual matters and you get the picture of what it means to be a lesbian in India - it is a life of double discrimination – first because of your gender and then because of your sexuality.

“What a lot of lesbians face is ignorance – many people here think that there is no such thing in India. But when families do find out, the problems can be immense,”
kidos kidos
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The Indian culture fascinates me. To hear the story of women who go through so much insanity and disrespect but still be strong enough to believe in themselves are inspirational to say the least.

I completely agree with you and this whole society scenerio makes it impossible for the closeted ones like us to come out ...

hey girl
u just read out my mind aloud
i am also one of those many struggling my way thru the intensely patiarchial society
contact me

I will say if i cant adapt to the living environment then i will migrate B-)

it is indeed hard

so..u opened to ur family???

hey u do write very well,looking forward to read more from u!!!

thank u

True that...