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ive already have my story up in my blog,
im married ,closeted(will remain so forever)woman,recently when i came out to a friend of mine she told me tat i deserved to stay happy,its just a matter of seeking some1,finding ur soulmate,and ina place like india no 1 is going to question u if u were to spend a time witha woman(all these years i was too scared to seek any1,but now that im 34 ,i have a feeling that my life is fast running out.
i m not even sure how safe it is to seek some1 online.but i mind chatting with any1 whos in the similar situation like mine,atleast itll give me the couarge to move on.about me im a femme lesbian ,seeking a femme lesbian!!!omg lol i cant believe i wrote all this it is all sounding so desperate .......
khwaishwatever80 khwaishwatever80 31-35, F 6 Responses Oct 2, 2012

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I am so glad I came across this site! I cant believe there are so many women like me there....lets chat :)

Hey lets b frnd....

Finally found someone very much similar as me, married n looking. Woohoo ;) I m very much new to this site. I am here to find indian married women who are happily married n looking for lesbian relationship. Chat with me! shabash!


I am 25yrs unmarried girl. here for you.....

I am a female lesbian in same situation as you.. I am married with two kids and lives in Sri Lanka

hey...hi hi dint tell me that you are looking for someone???? haaa....r u really??? tell meeeeeeeeeeeee

oye i meant online!!!!

hahaah..even i thought that way only....u have someother plans is it??? ;)