Loving A Girl

women are awesome really.!!
I am lesbian knew it from starting that i am... and there was this girl whom i always had crush on. first she became my friend. then suddenly she asked for a relationship :D it was like all my prayers are been answered :P.
we started dating used to chat on phone daily, as she lived quite far from where i live, video calls messages erotic chats and all so exciting :D
and finally we planned to meet she was supposed to come at my place and planned to stay for a day :)
i went to receive her at the subway.. god when i saw her i could control myself i just wanted to grab her kiss her instantly she was so hot and beautiful , i said hello hugged her and we where on our away at my place, while on the bike she sat so close to me, put her hands around on me.. nibbling my ear and kissing my neck i was so damn excited to kiss her i wanted to stop my bike n kiss her then n their. every touch of her gave me thousand butterflies.
We came home i told her to take a shower since she has traveled long to meet.. and meanwhile i just checked if my breathe is ok , m i wearing a sexy bra and then she came .. we had dinner my eyes were not moving an inch but her face. i did every intentional thing to touch her :D and she responded well probably she was also exited .
We came to my room i locked the door she was lying on my bed i lied next to her....
i touched her gently moved my hands softly around her and kissed her neck from beck.
she turned and kissed my neck back then i kissed her cheeks and we looked at each other and we kissed , yes lip kiss it was so beautiful couldn't even describe in words.
we kissed again then she put her tongue inside mine and i responded same and we kissed again i was feeling like i am lost in paradise. i kissed her nose ears and again her neck.. i licked her neck and whispered in her ears " i want you"... she kissed me and whispered " i am with you "
then i removed her top looked at her gorgeous b**bs i massaged them fairly well to excite her and then she did the same,
i removed her bra with tenderness and made her lie and i started to kiss her b**bs i just loved to do that, i gave her love bite on hers.
i kissed her saying you are so beautiful ...and we continued
lord!!! wat a beautiful experience it was
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u made me feel erotic ...

Wow hw hot yaar, me and my ex did same

ur story reminds me on my gurl....

im age 33 from south africa ,western cape, cape town

where are you from?

you making others jealous yaar