Any Hindu Bi/gay From Andhrapradesh (india) For Moc?

I am a 24-year-old lesbian from andhrapradesh, India . I am a very social person with lot of friends and I am very close to my family. I am living a life which I dont want to but I am living it for my family to make them happy. I am a decent looking girl and fun to be with. I am easy-going, caring, articulate and ambitious.

Getting married to a like-minded, intelligent, sweet boy and setting up our own home is something that I have always wanted. Besides, family, friends and career are of utmost importance to me. Which is why I am looking for an intelligent, career-minded and sweet bi-sexual/gay boy with whom I can share a lifelong friendship and marriage. I think only such a boycan understand me well and be a good life partner.

I loved my best friend but never told her how I feel for her, now She's getting married I m getting pressure form my parents to marry but I don't want to marry a man and spoil his life too.

If anyone like whatt’s written above and are serious about having such a relationship.
priyachoudary priyachoudary
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Hi 2 from hyderabad ..and am also looking for this kind of proposal not sure still if u r waiting for this ..if so please reach me through this site

Hey there,

I am a girl from same community as well and in a similar situation. I can understand what it is to be gay in Andhra. I have considered MOC myself, but I don't think it is a way out. At one point of time, it gets quite complicated. As is said in one of replies, you have to end up accounting for 2 families, not to forget the whole set of relatives we get as a package!! However difficult it is, we have to open up to our parents at least, if not now some time later. I am sure you would have thought this through but before jumping in, please make sure that u have absolutely no other way than this. Good luck:)


i know MOC sounds like the perfect way out: everyone is happy that you got married. but then it wont take long before the same people will start asking when you will get pregnant, and beware: having bought into the wishes of family and society you will most probably be answerable to your in-laws after marriage. is that really what you want? it is extremely painful to see your girlfriend (or the person you love) go with someone else, but then if this is the decision she takes you will have to accept and respect this.

Hi, Priya I m Indian guy living in Australia permanent regidence here , I m gay guy but my family back in India putting pressure on me to get married please I need a lesbian girl who can help me to get rid of this situation,, contact me on thanx reply me on email

hi Priya I am a closeted gay guy here looking for a lesbian frend to get married coz of family pressure. i am based in hyderbabd only. lemme know if u r interested.