I Was In Love..

I was in a relationship wid a girl three yrs ago. but we broke up due to some of her reasons.
i urged for her for three years and now hv finally moved on.
she on the other hand is in a relationship wid a guy frm 6 months. we r still in contact and sometimes i think she hasnt yet forgotten me and tht kills me.
if she even talks to me i feel like falling in love wid her all over again. and i knw nothingz going to happen but i cant help it.
So i have to ignore her always, so i dont go back to the place frm wer it took me 3 yrs to come out.
i seriously need someone like her by my side..
Maahisha Maahisha
18-21, F
3 Responses Dec 24, 2012

d same thng hpnd to me too....wnt to tok to u....l u?

il always be ther for you wenever you need me. contact me on fadeen@gmail.com ok hun

i wouldn mind being yours for life. - donzai lover south africa