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I'm A Teenage Indian Lesbian

I'm a teenage Indian lesbian.
And I don't know any other lesbians. I know they must exist, but I've never met one and it makes me lonely. Because while all the other girls my age are off with their boyfriends or talking about how hot that guy is, I'm not like that. I wish I could meet someone like me (Teen Indian Lez) , even if it's just someone to talk to.

Happy New Year :)
Love xxx

*UPDATE - Today, 11 months on, my life has turned around. I’ve met someone similar to me who is absolutely amazing. It was through this very story on EP, and I have never been happier. As of yesterday, I call her my girlfriend. And if my life can change for the best, yours can too :) 
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I am an indian lesbian but fortunately i am out of my teenage years. I remember how scary it was for me when i discovered my own sexuality when i was a teen. Take it from me, it grows better. I have a few great friends and cousins who know about me. My best friend is my girlfriend now and we've been together for almost 6 years now. Trust me, it grows better.

I'm a bisexual, and literally nobody knows about it.
Well, I'm still kinda exploring and can't seem to reach anywhere except that I'm equally interested in girls as I am in guys.
And of course we live in india and my family is what they call 'jain'!

Indian ahahaha! Its so rare to find gay people in India though

But we all do exist .

Hai, hear i to need a girl to speak a sex talk. r u

I wonder who this 'special person' is? ;)

I know what you mean entirely. I have a friend who's an out gay, and he's been lots of help, though he's found other guys to date, I don't have a single lesbian friend. I found out I was lesbian after I fell in love with a straight friend of mine. Life just likes to screw you over sometimes.
I'm glad to know at least there is someone else in this country. :))

Right? RIGHT?? Sometimes I come across bisexual girls but they aren't ever serious. And I don't know a single other lesbian either. I've always had crushes but I think I could only ever love someone if they loved me back. That's only my opinion though :P

I know. I didn't think I'd ever love her, but I really never did understand her. I mean, there was every indication that she loved me, these indications weren't subtle either (my friends asked me about it even) and I let myself fall. But, I was handed the 'I'm Straight' card afterwards, like some cliche lesbian romance novel. :P

Damn. I had the same experience. She was like my best friend, and i honestly don't know how she didn't realise i'm gay. She said so many things, making me believe she liked me and she was gay. Turned out, she loved me, but not romantically. I let myself fall for her, and she stepped on me and crushed me. But I know from that experience, and how she made me feel, that I definitely prefer women.
At least romance novels have something of a happy ending...

At least we learned something valuable from the experience. I mean, the experience was liberating, to say the least. I'm sorry for what happened. :( Novels do have better endings (unless one of the two has committed suicide) :P And you can find at least one other gay woman besides yourself! Do you stay in Mumbai?

Make that two people in this country

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I'm Indian and bisexual. My friends think its a joke and my parents have no clue. I was also feeling really lonely because I honestly didn't think there are any lesbians in India. I'm from Chennai and praying that maybe one day i'll find a girl like me.

I know the feeling.. :/
You aren't alone though.. :)

Hi im from chennai too..unfortunately I am a guy.. my intention here is to talk to.girl girl loving girls. ..its because of my weird story...reply me we will share our experiences. ...

Finally feels good to see that Indian lesbians are trying to come out and interacting openly and all.
Hope you find what you looking for, and yeah....beware of cheaters and fakers and idiots in general. :)

me too.i have told my parents,,but they think i am joking.

mmm....cnt open ur acc...l u plz add me n gtalk? id s

K done :)

cn v chat......? evn m a lez

Hey :)
Your account is private, code 900. Message me ? I'd love to share :)

Can u contact me...

have you thought about when you're gona tell your parents?

It won't be too hard for me. I know they'll support whenever I do decide to tell them :)

Hi there.

Im here to talk to. Lets share :)

Hi :) Message me, I can't since your account is private.
Code 900 :P

Hey u can cntact me m also Indian lez..

happens a lot. life is complicated. becomes more complicated when u r in india and a girl in love with another girl...

We're not gonn JUDGE YOU just because you're a Lesbian., and this year you'll find a Woman to hold your hand!!