Will You Stand By Me?

It's hard to look around
when you are the angel i finally found

I was loosing my path,
i wasn't thinking straight,
i was sinking,
i had no idea of what i was doing...

And than you appeared out of nowhere,
in my life to be like a loving wife,
got hold of my falling apart life,
and all of a sudden i knew..
i was born to tell you i love you..

you are my life,
you are my aim,
everything i do,
it's only for you..

every second, every minute of the day,
i want u beside me without any delay..

a purpose i have to make u smile,
to take you around the world
no matter how many miles...

so tell me now.. and tell me true..
will u stand by me no matter what we go through?
jiya6594 jiya6594
18-21, F
Jan 10, 2013