Can Any One Tell Me How To Move On?

My love is going to get married in few dayz and i still love her and always think about her ...i am going to los someone who is very important t me :( and now i found myself that i was unable to move on... Please tell me what to do now?
priyachoudary priyachoudary
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Dn t wry same hd happend to me too..time will heal evrytng..or other gf

hey Priya, I don't know whether u'l read this response of mine.. well I hope u will. please b sure tht unless u confront ur love and clear ur heart for a final gud bye, u'l never ever get rid of it. I hv d same exp... no matter my love story was a very short one but s still m struggling to get tht person bck before me and end it in a friendly and normal way so that I dnt hv to regret for anything in my life...

me too trying get out of that

Am still trying to get out of the same situation. Been trying for 2 years and by first hand experience I can say that it gets better by time. It is not like you will forget her anytime but time makes you understand that if she is happy with someone else then that makes you happy too. It is hard to be friends with her again. She will ask you to be friends at least but trust me, it is good for both of you to be as far away as possible. If she is your first love, then there is no way you will be over her. You just have to learn to be happy for her and move on to find the one for you. Hope you got better in these past months.

I know it is hard oh so hard but like it has been said before it gets better with time. Keep your distance and allow time to do its work. What worked for me is no phone calls or messaging. No stocking on the internet. Get rid of all the pictures of her and anything that will remind you of her. Realize that it is over and allow that to sink in. It hurts but it will start to hurt less and then not at all. Be brave and strong and don't let her drag you in again. Spend time focusing on you and your goals and dreams and before you know it the pain will be less and you will have moved on. I know it may not seem like it right now but you will be fine and you will find love again

Let the time heal you.... god bless....

Since I am also lesbian (Indian too), i know your friend will be coming back to you for making love. In the meanwhile don't get depressed. find another one. There are so many, if you like I could be one of them. Contact me on xylolita.frank at yahoo dot com. Lolita