How Do You Know If You Are Lesbian?

Girls that know...How do you know? I've never kissed one before. I think girls are such beautiful and I can't understand why guys would want to be gay when God made beautiful creatures like girls. Thinking things like that make me think i'm lesbian. But I am attracted to guys sexually...I feel like I haven't connected with anyone on an emotional or intellectual level yet. Only then would I know if I'm bi or lesbian or straight. What made you think you are lesbian?
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3 Responses Jan 27, 2013

to be honest. people are naturally heterosexual it's just the media push them to be homosexual with mass brainwashing. now don't think I hate gays. I accept them as human beings, but I pity them for being victim of media. u can notice that a lot of gay people in india come from cities not from villages ,why? because city people are heavily brainwashed by western media.

I don't think I found out suddenly. It was a process from when I was young. How does anyone know they're straight? I always had feelings for women whether I had just met them or even if we were family. I've never gotten physical with a woman either. I'm 16 and I haven't met another lesbian. But somehow I just know. It's the way I feel when I'm with a woman. It's extremely special to have that feeling. It takes time to know for sure. Hope I helped :)

Interesting question. I realized that I am attracted to women and I guess I always kind of knew. I did a lot of soul searching and research and started to come to terms with it. I don't think I am a complete lesbian at this moment as I like you am also sexually attracted to men as well. One thing that really made me realize this is that I fell in love with a woman and that shakes everything up. Someone once said that if you are really gay or bi then you are both attracted to the same sex and would be willing to have a relationship with the same sex. Otherwise you are just bi-curious, which I believe most women are. I hope this helps