In Search Of Me!

finally i have come across this site where i can share real me and my life!

story of my life..realising in mid of my teens that i am a lesbian and go out for a hunt for girls. good part that i found out about real sexual orientation of mine and bad part that i never got any1 to share that with...came acrooss soo many cheaters and fakers!!!

life is leading no where..still searching for one and hope to get some1 soon :)
where there is a will..there is defo a way and i am sure i have something good waiting...and any indian lesbians reading this post sud join in and let me across ur stories and experiences too :)

reet05 reet05
18-21, F
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Hi....can we b friendz

Dear Ms,
I am an MBA working in US, person of Indian origin, straight looking, gentle, honest, cool, fun loving, person having gay tendency, looking for a lesbian girl for MOC and lifelong companionship. Looking forward to hear from the interested.

seconds to that feeling girl ,i can totally understand the feeling

Hey where are u from?

Want to date