It's been a while....anyway broken into pieces, my heart feel like bursting like a bomb. I can't cry I was really scared, panic. I know I have to cry cuz if I don't I will be getting heart attact. I prayed to God to ease my pain, I have done everything to stop that pain in my heart but it didn't. I was scared cuz my body reacting strangely. For a moment I was unable to breath. I thought my heart is gonna burst out. But thank God at d end tears n loudness of my cry are joining d rain outside. I cried bitterly but my tears come out from d pain of losing d one I have loved so much. One mistake I make, infact maybe many a times but the pain, the excruciating pain of losing d one I really love cuz f my one mistake, two mistakes or more is too much a human can carry. Still panic n tremble n fear, what lies 2Mr I don't know..but I m n pain, deeply truly n pain. I hope I can get thru this .....n love thankyou so much for stepping by in my life. I hope things will b better. Heart stop hurting me cuz I need to live n happiness laughter n generosity too.
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Are you from Shillong

yes I m