My Journey From Wife Swapping Swinging To Prostitution.

I am 41 year old married Muslim woman from Pali Hill, Bandra area in Mumbai, India. Being raised in conservative Muslim family, I was married very early at the age of 20. I have been married for 21 years. I have 20 year old daughter & 19 year old son studying in college.
Ten years back when I was 31, while cleaning my house, I accidentally discovered few magazines that my husbands had hidden. Out of curiosity, I opened it & found that it is magazine for swingers. There were lot of advertisement for wife swapping, gang bang, three some etc. There were hundreds of ads in it. I read it and put that back.
Fast forward, my hubby showed that magazine to me later on. I pretended that I have not seen that magazine. He asked me what I thought about people who does wife swapping. I said, well if two consenting adults want the same thing then it is no body's business. After doing lot of beating around the bush he proposed whether I am Ok if he shared me with his best mates & bosses or meeting other couples for wife sharing.
Since I am raised in a very conservative religious environment, it was not easy to get past mental barrier. I must give credit to my husband the way he slowly brainwashed me in to wife swapping things. After few months, I got ready to attend swinger party with the condition that I will just watch but will not participate.
I attended party. Many men approached me but we politely rejected them. Being Muslim woman I had attraction for Hindu man because it is a big taboo in India and I was curious about uncircumcised penis so I was turned on when I saw few Hindu naked men in the party.
Next party was held after a month and we participated in wife sharing. I acted on my fantasy of sleeping with Hindu men. we did wife swapping three more times & for some strange reasons he lost interest in wife swapping. He instead preferred ********* with other single man. My hubby then shared me with his mates and his bosses. The ********* gradually turned in to foursome & gang bang. I wanted to sleep with complete strangers as I was not comfortable to sleep with acquaintances as it has a big risk of all people knowing it. However, my hubby was hell bent on pleasing his friends and bosses so I had to accept his demands.
5 years back my hubby got a job in Saudi Arabia. So he now works for two years there & then visit India for two months leave. After my hubby went to Saudi Arabia, his friends recommended me to offer paid sex. I rejected the idea for first two years but after 2 years my hubby bought a 4 bedroom apartment in Lokhandwala complex. We took a huge loan from HDFC bank for this flat. To help my husband to pay off bank loan quickly, I accepted my hubbys friends offer. They started bringing clients and shared me with other men for paid sex. I think they were also taking money separately from these clients.
Since I was sleeping with many men anyway, offering sex for money was not any issue for me. It went well.
Then one day, i got very unusual offer from Hubbys friends. They said, they have few clients. These clients want to shagg me in group as a gang bang. These clients will bring another prostitute as well. Then all the clients will take turns to root me & other woman. But the condition is that me & other woman will be blindfolded so that we can't see who is screwing us. They said we both woman will need to entertain six clients. They offered huge money so I just accepted the offer without much thinking.
This rendezvous was organized at one of my hubby's best friend who was divorcee and living alone. The other woman was already present in other room & was already blindfolded so she can't see. The moment I reached there, I was blindfolded. All my clothes were removed & then I was put on the bed. The other woman was brought & placed beside me. Then **** began. No one was talking. There was pin drop silence which was bit unusual. The clients were taking turns between me & other woman. I felt that skin touch were familiar. Before every one, completed two rounds, i figured out that these clients appears to be all hubbys friends but I was wondering why they had to blindfold me. After all six people finished two rounds, they removed cover from my eyes & other woman. We both women were completely nude and we did not know where our clothes are kept. Any way, after we both woman opened our eyes & saw each other. We both were almost fainted. The other woman was my own daughter.
Then I was told this story. Hubbys friends were eying on my daughter for last few years. Last year, they offered her big money to sell her virginity to them which she did. Within short time, they also started bringing clients for her. My daughter told me that she is part time job to earn some extra money for her marriage & I did not suspect anything wrong in it. She was actually doing prostitution like me. These hubbys friends had eaten my daughters cherry but they had a great fantasy to enjoy with mother & daughter together so they played this game.
It was such a humiliating & embarrassing for both of us and on top of it, they were brainwashing both of us that the ultimate fantasy for any man is to get laid with mother & daughter together & many people are ready to pay huge money if they get such opportunity to act on their fantasy. We both were motionless & these guys still completed one more round before they let us go.
I became swinger for fun. Later on I became prostitute for the greed of money. What I earned in return, I made my daughter prostitute. Although I became prostitute & i did not feel anything wrong at the time, however, I could not cope up with the fact that my daughter has become prostitute.
Moral of the story: We have moral standards for reasons. I am not against alternative lifestyle as I have enjoyed it for more than a decade & I thought that it is working for me but I conveniently forgot one very important fact of my life that I have a daughter too. My advise to you if you are thinking of swapping partners, think of your daughter first.

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Since money was the main attraction youlost control on yourself as well as pulled ur daughter in it. As you described in last that these guys complete one more round while both of u were on same bed, their next fantasy could be to blind fold both of you and force ur son toact on both of you at very high price. How will u feel then. There are lots of lesbains and incests but no one wants at own home. You need to get out of money lust. Till this happens, anything i possible.

A true and genuine response. Indeed it is a traumatic experience. There is a reason why limitations are built into all the actions we do. What is generally termed as 'conservative'in the west isn't the same in our country. In our country, there are limitations and that is what keeps families safe.

Which is why swinging should be done only and only by people who have strong control over their actions.

Sex in Indian and Asian culture is coupled with intimacy and love. Comparatively, in the West, it is seen as a tool for casual fun time. This is what breaks their families and is the cause of breaking families in India.

A person man or woman, can fantasize anything. But does that make it right? Well, that is for the person themselves to use their intellect and judge.

Thank you for sharing your ecperience.

This is really sad! I hope this never happens to any other person.

i m agree with you................dont do this thing again........

thnx aisha thnx 4 advise...... but ur story is true i hope

Morality, I guess is just a taboo. some wily old people tried to curb the pleasure of women. ! if ur daughter, enjoys it.. y should u be bothered, wen u itslef have enjoyed and find it exciting. !

This story did unhinge me a bit. My ex-Gf just recently broke it off with me. She is an older divorce to me by 5-6 years and has a daughter who is 10 -12 and a muslim. She found a reasonably well to do older british guy with whom she shared her fantasies of being an escort and living the swinging life. Ofcourse he was overjoyed. When we were together as students in the UK I gave her the freedom as her own individual to see other people , but was loyal as I really am not confident to be a lady killer. I did share her fantasies of wife swapping and swinger life style and was happy to find an indian who was open minded. We agreed to marriage but she didnt want to come to Dubai and struggle later. So this is her way out . Wants to pursue studies and play the escort for a well to do British guy older to her by 10 years while marrying him for the citizenship. I'm making the peace with her and trying to make the split amicable. I try not to worry for her. Though she is not my first gf. I do terribly love her. I want to warn her to be careful, but she has her own life to live. Any advice as to how to get back on with my life. The sense of being dumped and on the rebound is clouding my sense of better judgement to get on with my life. I don't know who to talk this out and clear it as my family and colleagues are conservative.


i am a male...I do it for money with fun....but most embrassing part is old ages women demanding me to do what they want against the money they paid...uhhh

I so sympathise with you. Man-kind is capable of unbelievable depravity; if only we would think slightly wider than just 'me', the world would be such an amazing place. For me, swapping has always been a tempatation, but more a 'needs' issue rather than 'sense'. Reason (not taboo) will not let me put my partner through it, or ask her to. Its a short life, with so many dissapointments and tears. These thrills are just sticking plasters for what is fundementally missing in our lives - a purpose, the answer to why, when and who. Sorry if it sounds like I'm lecturing, I'm maybe just reinforcing this to myself, but anyone else who hopes in better things.

That is a very hot story, but it became unfortunate towards the end when you guys ended up with financial issues and made the wrong decisions. Swapping is fun, but you guys went to far.

A realy nice story

Thats the dark serect of mumbai city.Only thing matter is how u live ur live and ur decision.donot listen from anyone worng or right,just listen whats ur heart say and take ur decisions.

This is a made up story of a hell-bound liar from the camp of Modi-RSS. They are such degenerates that they want to malign muslims even in their ****-religious fantasy. In fact to the Hindu culture wife sharing-swapping was present since the time of Mahabharat

this is a true story and i know many muslim ladies who r into prostitution. i had sex with around 28 muslim ladies. house wifes but also prostitutes .modi is a great man. the country will change.modi ki jai. barat matha ki jai

please add me

hey I am sory. but i am very happy to see that after that u are still doing that for ur happyness and fun full life. it is too good . dont be forget we are live for our life.

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wow so hot please add me

I feel very sad at the end really it could be like this

i like indian lady maybe see your pic my dear

Thanks for sharing the story! I feel really sorry for what happened to you and your daughter - hope both of you have moved on from this terrible incident.

Stop all body rabies think fun is not everything for life there is something loyalty with your partner. So I think this is very bad things mostly happens in modern culture. If you are married and doing such type of think this is much bad. A muslim girl wants non-muslim person for making relationship and hindu girl wants someone muslim person. If this type of relationship happens then why not a different religion person can marry and live with along. If you are doing one mistake in your life so you can start one by one mistakes. So strong your will power for not to do wrong.

Thanks for your feed back. Much appreciated.

I am Hindu girl and I liked the story only to the extent of swinging. I love Muslim boys very much because of their strong rods. Pl add Hindu girl name and a Muslim boy. Shubha

Thanks for your feedback. However, it is not fiction story so I can't add Hindu girl name & Muslim boy story.

can i get ur skype id..........

Fiction or not ,, this is a story that all of us ( freaks , perverts , immoral , curious , or just normal people should thing on the consequences of everything we do in life ,,,

very nice.I am a Muslim woman.I have also a fantasy to have sex with non-muslim men.

Hi Salma
There are many Muslim women out there who are curious about non Muslim men & therefore have secret desire to have sex with them. I think it is because of taboo factor. Many of my friends have full filled their fantasies and I guess there are many Muslim women who have acted on their fantasy. So, you are not alone. I wish you all the best to achieve what you are after.

hey u still stay in bandra ?

No. I live in Australia now.

Hey salma I am a non Muslim guy and have stung desire for a muslim girl. Hope we can chat.....

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hey aisha i m on the lookout for a genuine person like u to hv some fun, r u up to it ?

sad ,

@pskolk I don't live in Bombay any more.
@Fiazy What do you want to ask?

May be such stories do take place.....

anyways will catch u up next month when i am in bombay