Iam a decent Indian lady from the outside . But people who get close to me are shocked when they see my other side lol

In india it's a huge thing for a lady to be married with kids to be bold but I love to break the rules xxx
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ritu, i liked your style and liek t obe your friend as me too indian but living outside..pls add me if yu dont mind

That's lovely to know!! So what rules have you broken so far?

wow admire u , u are wondrful. am openminded too and appreciate your boldness

ritu, me too indian living abraod..i liked ur perspectives....can we be friends?

add me too plsss!!!

You should always get to live the way you are and be who you are. Its sad to get restricted by society.

that's awesome to have bold mom's

Trust me i wouldn't be shocked. Ive ****** a few Indian ladies and all of them were fsntastic in bed. Which sort makes sense when u consider the Kama Sutra came from India.

admire u

U go girl :)

you are right.Woman should be bold today so that they may not regret later at the ripen age.Breaking rules gives a thrill which cannot be explained just felt deep inside the heart.

add me please
I love indain I have visited indai for 1 years ago so beautiful country

You are a guy pretending to be a woman......Yawn Yawn

sweet attitude......

Don't ever change,

Skype me ,, I am throbbing xxxxx my id is. ,,, needloving234
Be fun I am sure ,,, 48 , single separated guy from Ireland here

chat on yahoo?

Is it OK for a single lady in India to be bold sexually?

would love to chat...please add me


mmmm...thats so nice ...hey add me please ritu

Ur awesome !!!

Good for you, my dear, I love to shock people too.

I am sure your hubby loves your boldness!

He has no clue ;)

How would he react if he knew?


Imagine his friend tellingg him about a hot woman he saw...then your your hubby realizes that it's you he's speaking about!

You are scary lol

Not scary...just imaginative!

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I went to an Indian wedding earlier this year and it was amazing! Most fun I ever had at a wedding. The women were so elegant.

Yes our weddings are huge on expenses and waste of money lol

I had a blast... it lasted 3 days. I can kind of see how it can be a waste.

Also, what does it take to be your friend on here? :-D

I love that you are confident, with a sense of adventure.

The caste systems in society were made to be broken. A person whether man ur woman should be true their own inner selves. By being this way you are truly alive and free!

And how bold tht wud b???