WHAT It Means.

Indie kids are those kids you see, you know the chill, quiet ones who wear plaid, where laid back clothing, or who often wear the clothes no one else has. They listen to the music that no one else has heard of, all the underground stuff. I consider myself to be an indie kid because I often can relate tot his. I wouldn't consider myself a full-time indie kid because I do expand my interests to different social cliques. Indie kids are the chill kids.
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3 Responses Jul 1, 2007

Welcome to my world except I wear my own style nt only plaid ha

Hahaha. LAME! im so sick of flannel. indie rock used to be for the losers, the skinny kid who never got the girl with the cute asian girl who never got the boyss. the indie kids were so cute! making it sound mainstream is terrible. THIS ISNT INDIE ROCK. NO FLANNEL. NO TUDE. too many ******** in scene! IF YOU WANT TO KNOW REAL INDIE ROCK ---LOCK YOURSELF IN THE BATHROOM WITH A PINT OF VODKA AND TERRIBLE CHEAP BEER AND WINE WITH **** ON THE WALLS AND YOUR LANDLORD TELLING YOU TO PAY THE RENT! <BR>people who call themselves indie rock arent indie rock!<BR>WE CALL THOSE HIPsTERS/FAUXHEMIANS!<BR><BR><BR>GET INTO IT!<BR>NO TUDE! NO ********! NO FLANNEL! <BR>FLANNEL IS DEAD! <BR><BR>ALL THE KIDS WHO LIVE TO ROCK--- COME WITH ME AND I WILL TAKE YOU TO PARADISE! LIVE THE LIE!<br />
indie music is mostly made up of rich kids....upper middle class twats.....be careful what you listen to...you might just be listenning to something copied from an actual original genius. if you like something, research its origins! copies of copies of copies of copies! if the internet told you to listen to it, it is CRAP! goto the weird smelly old doods at the dinkiest looking record store in your town...and they will tell you what the real deal! THEY GOT THE WISDOM! take heed! dont go for refashioned retro! if something sounds like something youve heard before and they are a bunch of young kids with their parents buying their instruments for them and not having to work a day in their lives...., chances are its crap!

Amen to that. Sooo true. You hit it right on the spot!