Its weired because my dad's mother had said that I couldn't "see" my past lives until I was at least 20. But am I 20 now? No! I'm 16 and for some really odd reason have "seen and felt" my past life I'll try to explain as much as I remember.

I had fair skin, blond hair, icy blue eyes, and I was tall. I was a good runner, but from what I remember that wasn't very lady like. So my parents beat the spirit out of me. I wasn't aloud to talk to the survents (aka: my only friends) because they were furniture. I was aloud to date but only dull rich men whom were really self absorbed. I was then married to a prince that both me and my parents thought was suitable. But in the end he really wasn't he abused me and raped our children at a young age and beat our kids half to death when they made him look like a fool in front of our guests. The night of my 25 birthday I took our newest child ( a newborn baby girl) and ran I was terrified for her I wanted her to have a better life then I did.
I then went to a really close friend's house and asked her to raise my child as her own, because her husband and she couldn't have a child of their own. She had said yes and took the little bundle in her arms. My husband had found out that I had taken the child and I was to be killed. But I ran across the cobble stone road trying to get as far away as possible. But I never made it he shot me down on the spot.

And that is the first live I remember. If anyone can comment and tell me what time you tink this might be it will sure help. Its odd though does anyone else feel like they've had a diffrent life before? Or is it just me? can someone help?
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damn dude, That must be a crazy experience.<br />
<br />
I don't remember any past lives, but my mind's been elsewhere.

hello...i didnt see my past lifes till i was 21...i always new i was forgetting something..then one day my friend showed me how to see your past life ...so i did... i saw parts of three of them...and after seeing them this life makes more sence.