Am I An Indigo?

I have no special powers and have had no great revelations. I am unaware of any past lives. However, when I was young, many very strange things happened to me. As a child I can recall seeing what seemed to be spirits, especially at night. I referred to tham as my friends and as a consequence no one took me seriously or listed to what I said. They were my "imaginary friends" to my parents. Later, as I entered my teen years I began to experience many things. One of these was the ability to literally leave my body behind and travel the world in spirit form. At first I thought these experiences were dreams, but being of a scientific bent, I performed a couple of experiments with friends. I asked several selected friends to write short notes and to leave them on their night tables when going to bed on certain nights. I then left my body and traveled to the homes of these friends where I read the notes they had written. The next day as I told each one what he or she had written, it seems I had gotten each one entirely correct, verbatim correct. Needlesss to say this really freaked out some of my friends.

At the age of about 15 I told my girlfriend of the time about my ability to leave my body and travel. She laughed and thought I was joking but I told her I would prove it to her. We had a date for that night so about the time I expected she would be getting prepared for our date, I left my body and visited her apartment. I watched her closely as she went about preparing for our date, down to ironing her clothes, changing her mind over what to wear, ironing new clothes, etc. Later that night at the party we attended, I told her step for step what she had done when getting ready and she flipped out in surprise and fear. I tried desperately to calm her and quiet her down but she was hysterical. I was totally focused on trying to calm her when I had a sensation as though my mind had popped through some barrier between us and I found myself enveloped in her mind and the essence of who she was. I colmly spoke to her and told her there was nothing to fear and to calm herself, which she did. I retreated into myself and opened my eyes. All the people in the room were staring at us and described a scene that was eerily strange where my girlfriend was hysterical, i took on this look of intense concentration and my eyes closed, suddenly my girlfriend stopped her hysterics and collapsed backward on the couch, seemingly unconscious and I simultaneously opened my eyes.

From that point on until we broke up, it was as though I could not only read her mind, but implant thoughts and ideas in ways that influenced her to do and say things.

I had a few other strange incidents along these lines but seemed to lose these abilities when I reached about 18. Over the years I have had fleeting glimpses of something that feels like hidden abilities but they have always beenjust outside of my control.

I am interested in your thoughts.
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Interesting. Though I tend to be somewhat skeptical about such things, I do not dismiss them out of hand. I wish I could have worked with you in your youth to do a little more scientific experimentation with it... though I am younger than you, so that probably wouldn't have worked anyway. I've had some strange, unexplainable experiences myself, as has my girlfriend, but nothing as vivid as what you describe.

The phrase "fleeting glimpse" reminds me of Pink Floyd's Comfortable Numb. Despite the exponential leap we humans have made in the last thirty years in our knowledge of brain neurology, I think there are various dimensions to the human psyche that we have yet to understand.

I accept the basic ideas of the Neo-Darwinian model (Dawkins, Dennett, Sam Harris) but I feel like there is something more going on.

I agree that there is more going on than we know or understand, although we are making great strides in neuroscience with things like PET scans and such. There were a lot of things I experienced that I cannot explain.