Just Found Out...

And I am so relieved! I'm still learning about what it means to be an indigo and learning connections that appear to be related with my dragon self and the ascension process.

The topic had been chasing me around for a while and my friend said she thought I was one, but when it really clicked for me was when I found a specific group of other such people (much by accident - I just felt drawn there) and really learned what it all meant and I wanted to cry.

From what I've found, with the way indigo children seem to carry as characteristics...I have them all and once I realized why it's like a weight has lifted off of my shoulders completely. I feel like nearly instantly all this darkness from my human life has been lifted, although I still have my negative aspects...it just seems alot easier to handle them.

I read within this group that alot of them have connections with angels while I happen to have connections with dragons. I explained to them that when I come across an idea it tends to be right and lately I had been toying with the idea that my dragon self on the astral plane is a higher self versus what others experience to be otherkin/therian. I also have noticed that alot of dragon-kin I've come across have a strong protective stance for the earth and believe they were put on the earth To protect it. I think it's very much the same thing and have been told that spirit beings can differ from angels.

Since I was young I could see auras, but that ability has died down dramatically. I know I still have this ability, it just needs to be practiced again. I also have a very strong connection with the astral realms and have journeyed to them often the last 3-4 years.

There's still so much to be said, but I'm not sure where everyone is on this matter yet here and whether people actually know about the ascension process so for now I shall leave it at that.

Blessings to all! I look forward to meeting more like myself...

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I have thought long and hard, and I know this truly a part of me.<br />
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Thank you for the tip!!

Are you sure it is a part of you? or do you just relate with a little bit of it? You have to be careful in making quick decisions. Have you meditated much on it? If not I'd really recommend it.<br />
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The way I learn to see auras was to watch a candle flame and try to refrain from bl<x>inking and allowing your eyes to relax. When you let the flame go double and things start looking foggy or disappearing around the candle is when your eyes are in the position to see energy. Hope that helps.

Thanks!! :D I actually discovered by watching NCIS (very different, lol)....they mentioned indigo children, and for some reason I really felt the urge to learn more on what an Indigo child was. I googled it and read over seveal sites and stories, and I matched up on every list of characteristics!! For auras, I have been doing some research, and I found out that a person should use their peripheral vision and concentrate more on the head's aura. I'm not very good at it yet, but I think I'm slowly improving!! How's your progress??

That's great to hear! I'd be excited to hear about your discovering process :D What do you do for practicing your aura-seeing? Scrying has been beneficial for me in the past, I get the star bursts and then the clouds and sometimes a little color but I can't seem to keep it up for long enough to be able to look at someone as a "whole" energy body. I'll get there I'm sure :P

Hello there!! I too was thrilled to find out this, and it feels as if I finally have the answers I was looking for. Not only am I glad to discover that my beliefs aren't crazy, but that I am not alone!! I see you discovered it too. I too am relearning my ability to see auras, as well as rediscovering my other self throughout the dimensions.