How I Found Out

its pretty funny how it happened all starts when my mom was pregnant for me and she had a dream about a little girl with light brown curls and big brown eyes.she told my amma about it and none of them understood it.then, 15 years later, mom and i are watching a TV show called psychic children.there was one family who had a daughter that could talk to ghosts and they thought she was a crystal child.when they started explaining how they knew this, just about every word they said reminded us of the 3 youngest girls in my large family, and how i my mom and i got on the PC and googled 'crystal children'.this is how we cam upon mom read the characteristics of them and every word reminded her of now i have been doing research on indigos and get more and more convinced that i am an indigo but i am still playing with that idea that i may be something that special.
Shadowmoon Shadowmoon
18-21, F
Feb 22, 2008