Different Or Egocentric?

I hate that aura thing, i'm not an expert but isn't it that everyone's aura  consists few colors, not just one?
And yeah, i think white colour in someone's aura means what you say indigo does. But ok..
So... everyone wants to be indigo these days, coz suddenly, different means cool. Yeah i've been 'different' whole my life, just like half of this world claims.
I've been bullied at school, i dress weird,  i have unusual opinions about stuff, i'm way too sensitive, empathic, weak...and that makes me different than half of my country, but it's just because my country is really conservative one. And i know i'm not an alien, even tho i sometimes do feel like that.

I'M VERY MUCH INTO ASTROLOGY AND I CONNECT EVERYTHING WITH IT. I'm Scorpio and that's why i think i'm a bit wierder and people don't like me.

People lie a lot, i do, too, ofc...and when you are taking some survey about being an indigo child you can't be 100% honest, or is it just me? Yeah, that's because indigo is cool today, or people confused it with the word 'diffenent' but i bet everyone single person in this world feels different, i've never met anyone who said:  ,i'm ordinary, i think and look like everyone else'. Never.
I hate kids these days who are emos, punks, metalheads etc and claim to be different, no you are not! Coz there is no one emo in world. There are millions of them.

I don't think add and adhd kids are special, they are just rude. i don't think schizophrenics are crazy, they are just more open and sensitive. I don't belive in psychiatry at all, coz every illnes in it describes someones personality or star sign.. I have always been reserved and bit down but that doesn't mean i'm depressed, why would it? Why would everyone walk around with a smile on their faces?

I don't know about other people on here, but here is why i feel like an indigo and why i don't.

I FEEL LIKE AN INDIGO coz i'm way too sensitive, i can feel some things, i've had unexplaineble events and i feel the need to do something for this world, it's more then just a feeling, it's something i must do. But don't know how to start and it drives me crazy.

I'M NOT INDIGO  coz i don't belive in god, religion etc. i actually HATE those lies that are keep making people blind and stupid. I can't heal people, and i don't think i have that color of aura. I'm not nice, kind and i don't share love for all people.

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About god... i read somewhere that indigo children have those 'powers' from god, that they are here to spread his love and words bla bla...<br />
And about being an indigo a kindergarten psychologist said that to my mom,but no one knew what that was then and i had nowhere to read about it, coz my country pretty sucks. And okay, i don't wanna be against anything or anyone i just love good discussion and i'm always trying to find something against everything so that in the end it looks perfect, but my English doesn't really allow me that. :)<br />
<br />
@lunarstrings<br />
Why would indigo aura contain fire? Aren't indigos supposed to be beings of light and purity? <br />
About astrology...try me :D

i dont agree with u on the white color thing, indigo is dark blue and a bit red from the fire. a white aura is a pure aura, very clean , not a bit of fire. it can get easily hurt with firey energy even.<br />
i totaly understand your conection with astrology im just like the same but i bet im even nuttier!!!!!! :D<br />
ya people suck. news?<br />
i can heal when im in the mood...just open your heart...although it might be hard depending on circumstancies....

Ok, so why don't they start???<br />
Everyone is focused on idea of changing something, but no one is doing anything.

As far as I understand, Indigos are here to change and shape the future of the planet. Probably why so many people Want to be Indigo...to feel special and important. "Indigo" is just another label.<br />
In reality, we ALL have the ability to change and shape the future. <br />
As far as psychic ability, I firmly believe that ALL people have various abilities. Most are taught from little on not to trust those 'extra' perceptions, and we just lose touch with them as we age.