I've Always Been Different, But Never Considered This Until Now.

I've always felt different than many other people I know. I'm hyper aware of my surroundings...in tune with my emotions and very sensitive to others' moods and feelings...intuitive and sometimes a little psychic...very intelligent/gifted and talented...artistic and sometimes prone to being hyperactive or depressed.

A lot of these traits seem like they fit an 'Indigo Child'. It's amazing how they pointed out I have nearly all the traits of an IC! It makes perfect sense to me. I love spirituality and I think I believe that this is possible, and many famous artists, writers and musicians born in the 70s to the 90s could have been Indigo Children also. (Kurt Cobain is the greatest example that came to mind.)

I am also a very talented poet, artist and writer, and occasional musician. I've been an old soul since I was a kid, and wise beyond my years. I would love to connect with other people here who are the same way!!
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I discovered a few days ago that I have like 15 traits out of 16 of an indigo. I have always been told I'm extremely aware and that I have big eyes which seems to be a trait of indigo children. I'm very passionate, empathetic and very emotional. Rage doesn't work well with me I don't always know how to work with it. I'm very concerned about our planet and I feel like I can sense other beings. Kurt cobain is amazing. I don't believe he killed himself. He was murdered by courtney or someone no one knows about. His music affects me extremely deeply and I can cry to it. Sometimes I get overwhelmed my emotion. I've Always felt connected to the universe. When I was born my grandmother said that I am going to suffer because I am extremely aware. I used to say as a kid lets talk about life and all things. I'm beginning to know my purpose I guess. I hope this is real though because I feel so much too deeply. I love people and people like me but I've always expressed a hate for people's stupidity,

Hi and welcome. I'm Nick and i'm 19 and i'm an indigo child too. i have always been gifted psychically and otherwise since i was young and it's been rough and amazing. a gift and a curse. but when you manage it it is a beautiful way of life most only dream of. namste

Yes, that's a good way to describe it...I am actually the sword suit in tarot, according to my zodiac and how I am an air sign, and it always says that humans (especially air signs) can carry a double-edged sword. We feel the good and bad, light and dark, positive and negative energy to pretty much all things in life. I feel like that about my gifts too. I agree, it is a beautiful way of seeing the world though.