Not Any More

I have surfed the web, joined chatrooms, forums and all those things you could do just to feel you belong to a group.

It was a mistake I am glad I made...

It made me realize that there are too much hypocrisy cleaved to this label...

These people are not all about love and light, nor the lightworkers...

In their vicinity I discovered many prejudice and intolerance.

From harassment to stalking and almost being banned from sites for telling the Truth as it is...I had enough.

I do not want to be part of a group, because a group equates conformism, where everybody thinks the same no one is thinking.

I was shocked how these people deny logic...they were totally consumed with irrational thought...logic didn't count to is primarily due to denying the Divine masculine...And embracing the Feminine alone...

Christian doctrine teaches that Satanism is Wrong...and it has everything to do With the Earth and idolatry - no wonder Earth was given a feminine name - Gaia or Mother Earth...It teaches about the Goddess...and most importantly in Satanism it teaches about Hecate (the Mother Goddess of the black arts) in witchcraft.

People are deliberately stopping to use their minds, their logic - they deny any of their faults when you say that they are NOT ALL LOVE AND LIGHT...and also I have encountered many people who were being their own gods - serving the self, only the ego - - - having no regard for other people or God.

That is what makes the new age beliefs so dangerous - because people not only serve themselves but refuse to engage logic...they do not want to think...they believe they are gods and yet can perform no miracles...yet they keep on believing they are something they are not - is that not deluded behaviour???

You can't call yourself a god and be unable to bring someone back to can't be a god if your intention is to deceive people regarding spiritual matters.

New agers completely lost their minds in pursuit of the feminine and denying the Masculine in totality - so much so that they have denied the physical existence and rather wish the planet to end so that they can die and embrace the "ascension 5D"...they seem so completely disconnected from reality that is unbelievable....they want to make no difference in the material world, they only want to ignore the material world getting lost in their own thoughts...almost in some sort of psychotic trance.

I have no time for liars...and if you really want to know God, please do not seek it with self-proclaimed new agers - they will lead you astray!!! And hurt you, if not directly hurt you, they will make you hurt yourself if you allow yourself to get consumed by their lies.

Only dead fish swim with the stream and not against it.
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As advance as we all claim to be, remember this: we are all subject to the subtle programing of the mind in negative ways. Subliminal, negative belief systems. So I say this: we can talk all we want but words are mere compressions of air, the medium itself existing in one sphere of multiple realities throughout existence (of course all other realities of opposition and apparent surreal parallels not even brought into question), audible utterances open to a million interpretations.

What I'm trying to say is that we can argue, as we are, in anger and frustration on something like this platform, but nothing said here is of a primary nature rooted in love. Yes it's all love, ok, but please tell me how these words and fired up emotions are healing anything? I myself could argue and rave - and believe me, I've experienced all the same as you all, more in this body than others, other existences in holographic 'time' giving me more insight still. But words are only words.

Meet me in the ether, project The human spirit and we'll connect for this journey. I think a mass meeting is needed anyway. Critical mass need be created and in my opinion, a master mind group be established - making it easier for our fellow ADHD dyslexic ADD Autistic messed up (as we have been described LOL) beautiful souls to tap into our combined genius, wisdom and human learned skills to cope.

Let me know how you all feel about this.

healing happens when you UNDERSTAND the endless bullllshittt of the fake beliefs you are clinging to. love? so telling people the TRUTH is showing love but making them HATE THEMSELVES? uhhhm okay i have heard it all..thanks bud....

yep you COPE by is that helping the world?

Iv new age beliefs but your description is far from me. I'm opposite of all what your claim. I think there's idiots in every faith.

there are old legends, saying shamballa, the "feminine" city, will rise to fight against the agarthan "masculine" rule. what everyone forgets, is that there is a third city, the city of the soul. no opposites matter, at the end of times you'll see it's all one, it always been.

......Well said, thank you very much for this comment!

Agreed to some extent, but don't lose your faith because of frauds. This is a polarised plantet, positive and negative, dark and light, masculine, feminine.
The hardest thing to do is create balance.
But I beleive truth is inside of you,
Never stop searching for it
I don't know what I am
But Iv always been different.
My mother told me from when i was a child, I like her have the knowing
Others have told me I'm an indigo
Most new agers I have met get angry and jealous at me if I even emply this.
So I don't know
There is something weird about my family though
But it's all conspiracy and new age theory
Every women in my family
From my daughter going back 6 generations are all numerologicaly 11
And rh o negative blood type
I don't think I am a god !
I don't think my family are gods !!!
But I am deffinitly in search of truth, spirit, space and time.
And no religeon comes close to what my "know" tells me is truth
Its a lonely life
Born with 1 foot in another world
And feeling like the only person awake on a sleeping planet
So I conform
Push my beliefs and instincts and know aside
And live my days following the order in which we are told is the right way to live.
It's the only way to survive in this world
Sorry if you think I'm crazy
Maybe I am

I know what you mean. I had a similar experience with a coven of what I call fantasy witches. My husband and I are two sides of the same coin. I am not wiccan though I was for a long time. I found that it lacked a certain balance for me. That life and Mother Nature were not always light, happy, and fluffy and that so many of us were choosing to ignore and embrace both day and night so to speak. Yes, I feel that we should strive to make light of dark things, but it's wrong to pretend that dark things don't exist. Don't get me wrong. By "dark" I mean cruel ways of the world, nature, people, and even some gods. I do not mean demons and the like, or I would be christian as these are christian concepts,but that's another story. I found so many ignoring this part of life, and pretending everything was so beautiful and percect. Not that I don't acknowledge beauty, but alot of power is lost by refusing to accept EVERYTHING and only accepting part of this life. My husband was a Satanist for 20 years. He no longer claims to be but still agrees with some of LaVey's teachings. What I see is massive power lost by some, not all, wiccans for fear of an image. Peope are striving so hard these days to get Wicca recognized as an acceptable religion that they want to make sure everyone knows they are not evil. In doing this, we ignore key witchcraft elements and ritual becomes little more than a series of gestures. Please take no offense. There are many successful wiccans, but those who are not are the ones who see the image of wicca/witchcraft and forget the secrets.

True the nature of God is not only Light but dark as well... If God has two sides and they deny one then they deny God in entirety!

Reply by sunshines333 Jun 30th, 2012 at 7:23AM<br />
:) i try for moving towards perfection and that what you r calling pretention that may be half kindness and half struggle to overcome dark side of impulses that every human being have.this may be what you call as hypocrisy.but you are seeming to be so much overwhelmed by only extreme kind of one sided view.but you cant ****** my happiness by your harsh words.i find my guidance from God to correct myself not from people but yes i do pay attention towards criticism over me by people to know my ownself from different perspectives.well thank you for pointing.tak care sunshines!<br />
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Reply by GrimKatze Jun 30th, 2012 at 8:21AM<br />
You will never be perfect, grow up and stop trying! You trying to be perfect is like you saying to me you are trying to become GOD, because only God is perfect... And once you are perfect there will be no more need for God in your life, so then stop talking about God too, because it is clear you seek to move away from God by becoming your own!

Reply by sunshines333 Jun 29th, 2012 at 7:08PM<br />
you mean kindness is a fraud that is for defence against suffering that may be caused by others?this is what we say that every thing is questioned because people start thinking about very thinking.dear if kindness is fraud then what would be the medium for revealing the love inside heart.a true love will live inside heart like lava and would make burst the very being.try to focus on positive attributes by being optimistic and positive.why so disturbed explain i can give example Edison says "a fool can ask more questons than a wise can answer"dont ask so much my fellow.have faith in something! get well soon.may you be blessed! sunshines!<br />
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Reply by GrimKatze Jun 29th, 2012 at 11:56PM<br />
You seem oblivious to the fact that indigos and people like you are hypocrites, you pretend to be too good, you try too hard to give off the air of perfect goodness "love and light" and therefore are frauds. PS do not call me dear, I hate it when people call me that, do not pretend to care, you try too hard to be something you are not, I see right through your sweet words and manipulation you wish to bring forth hiding behind religion and an image of "kindness"... I think you are sick and people like you, no, it is you that should attempt to get well, I am perfectly well knowing that NOT all is as it seems, especially people like you and the indigo bunch, the love and lighters...

People who tell other people lies, pretending to be something they are NOT, especially pretending to be some NEW age spiritual LEADERS and saviours, DO NOT RESPECT other people - scamming someone is NOT a respectable deed especially if it is done in God's name!!!!!

@aeirs<br />
<br />
I am not boasting!<br />
<br />
To have a problem with people claiming to be things they are in fact NOT, is not boasting... To spread awareness of this global deceit going on IS NOT BOASTING, it is caring enough to make people aware of such corruption and not to fall easily into its trap.<br />
<br />
I do not care one fig if it is about finding themselves or not, because it is clear they do not want to find their true selves, and stopped searching when they stumbled upon a label they thought could suit them well!!!<br />
<br />
I won't be surprised if you are gossipping behind my back as well all the "oh I heard so much stuff about you on this site" surely from people WHO cannot handle the TRUTH.<br />
<br />
So please do not seek to patronize me, boasting is a thing of EGO, running away from the true self.<br />
<br />
I do not like people who claim they are these wonderful and powerful supernatural beings who are supposed to know everything, only exposing themselves us unelightened fools, pretending to be something they are not, having no clue of what they speak about in the first place - like Christians, the proper hypocrite confessing with the mouths of knowing and possessing Divine knowledge,yet in reality it is but empty words for they understand nought of what they speak.<br />
<br />
So sorry, I am far past falling for that sh!t - to sympathize with people who do not need sympathy, who do not want to be helped, who believe they have no problem... In fact I feel so strongly about this, that I do not even care to help them any more and let them destroy others with their ignorance, for let those who want to be deceived be deceived... I cannot make anyone do or believe anything, if people want to believe a bunch of lies inspite of fair warning, then they can be my guest, if they do not want to hear let them feel!!!!<br />
<br />
I care only about those they will deceive, and I do give WARNING but that too is to no avail!!!!<br />
<br />
Humanity is a destructive thing simply because they LOVE lies... So if they love it so much and you can do nothing about it, then let their own chosen fate run its course, let them destroy themselves, because nothing anyone will say or do will change their minds, they can only save themselves but the lies are simply irresistable.

calm down.....I have never every said I was gossiping about you. You seem very fustrated at everything. I'm trying to tell you something but you won't listen either.

I'm not saying this to be mean I'm saying it as a friend....I feel that you are frustrated about peoples ways and you try to change them for the better......but remember noone can be changed unless they themselves do's good to be nice to people and give them nice advice even if the advice isn't so nice rather than becoming frustrated at someone b/c that's how you push them away

@aeirs<br />
<br />
Is that so, what did you hear about me, please be honest!!! If it is a bunch of people claiming to be "angels incarnate" who walk around boasting about "love and light" for all, yet bash or trash other people behind their backs, then you just proved my post 100% accurate! Thank You!!!

lol I understand were you are coming from....people labeling themselves every kind of thing only talking about power in some cases what they can do. I would like to talk more with you if you would like just to talk.....I have heard many things of you from this site....but I want to see your side of the story :) take care

Is that so, what did you hear about me, please be honest!!! If it is a bunch of people claiming to be "angels incarnate" who walk around boasting about "love and light" for all, yet bash or trash other people behind their backs, then you just proved my post 100% accurate! Thank You!!!

Lol but you want to boast back....this is not how things should be done my friend....try to understand were people are coming from? Sometimes is isn't all about boasting in their egos but to find ones self....nobodies perfect and I have read some of the stories about criticism everywhere that's inevitable a better way to deal with this is to let them see it in a new perspective but whether they take it or not that is completely up to them you see?

I am not boasting, those enamoured with their EGOS and their lies are. Please scroll down to see my thorough reply to you!

The middle way?<br />
<br />
I am guessing as with regards to your "new christianity" reference, that you are alluding to some governmental influence, nevertheless faint spiritual regard... the middle way between "satan and God", or the "world and Spirit"...<br />
<br />
This to me is just extremely odd, you must be speaking like a true satanist, reveling in self-worship, and THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS EGO, lavishing the self, like your your own god, loving other men as god too...<br />
<br />
I just wrote a post on "you can't have it both ways", who do you want to worship? I don't believe in going to the church for this very reason, or to join petty new age herd conformist groups for that same reason... where people wish to "serve the world" under the guise of "divinity or God"... wow... thanks of the very enlightening comment occultist.

I'm not totally up on the indigo movement as you depict it but I do resonate with the idea that the new age movement was always being groomed to be the new Christianity .<br />
It fits quite nicely actually...<br />
<br />
I.E it also makes sense from a social perspective that "the pendulum" will swing from one side to the other before finding balance.... the middle way..<br />
<br />
And whilst I can see that certain people behind the scenes may be trying to steer things in this direction on an occult level the energies at play here are so out of whack the pendulum analogy is an apt one i think....

Good for you!<br />
<br />
I once believed that I was an 'indigo brat' - but turns out that everyone who calls themselves starseeds/indigo or any new age label are part of government conspiracy - if you want to believe that you are not part of something that you really are, then knock yourself right out!<br />
<br />
And you saying that 'indigo brats' can see past all the lies - iS ONE BIG FAT LIE when THEY BELIEVE A LIE AS TRUTH.<br />
<br />
Good one! Hahaha you peeps do not even know what you really believe.<br />
<br />
I really do not think that the goverment will waste its precious time tracking people who do exactly as they desire...<br />
<br />
Don't be fooled, the government loves people like you - you are on great little soldier of psychological control and manipulation for innocent 'seekers'... you are a great governMENTAL asset, they can't do without you yet really don't give a damn about you.<br />
<br />
Thanks for the great joke posted here: 'indigo children/adults see past all the lies, they are a threat to the government.' LMAO<br />
<br />
You know what you really are?<br />
<br />

there is truth and lies in all things. it is our decision to believe which is true or false. but there are also truths and lies in the OP's post. Please do your homework before bashing peoples beliefs. Most people want you not to believe in indigo's and crystal's and star seeds because we were prophesied to come back in ancient times of Mayans Sumerians and Native Americans. There are people who fear us because they want to control the world and when you have people like us we are a threat. We see through lies and deceit. We have intelligence and determination. and the psychotic trance people you were speaking of are not indigo's / crystal's at all but Cults related to the New world Order and the Illuminati. The government even keeps track of potential indigo's and crystals or spiritual warriors as the ancients called us. it's a top secret experiment that uses an internet computer program to track text ba<x>sed publications. they use it to monitor ufo nuts, conspiracy therioes (which DO exist), and even terrosist attacks or natural disasters. but they use it to keep track of us because we are a danger to them. we are smart enough to find the truth hidden among the lies. the fear the truth and we are the messengers.

to tell you the Truth, not to hurt you...yes go on your own path... go and discover their true natures for yourself, before you judge this post...if you know the Truth you won't make such insidious comments.