Energetic Healing

My name is Jolanta. I work with Angels and Archangels and I do Energetic Healing.

If you want me to send you or to your business the Healing Energy please send me an e-mail: healingenergy.pl@gmail.com

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Aloyavea Aloyavea
1 Response Feb 6, 2012

I was wondering about energy healing. I have always been an indigo child and lately I am becoming more aware of the energies around me. While I was taking a bath I heard the water spirits talking and they showed me the many beauties of water. They showed me a creature of the water and how the animals are a reflection of a large and complicated world created by consciousness. I felt pure love from the water, like the unconditional love from a mother to her unborn child. My sensitivities seem to be growing. I have a question though my friend is gunghoe on energy work and he seems to think finding that perfect guide or support will advance his wisdom. I however have taken a solitary approach, I have a deep set belief that whatever it is that I need to learn will be the most pure if it comes from within myself. I have been tainted by others energies and beliefs so I am careful about who has a chance to influence me. Anyways I was just wondering if you have any advice. The universe implied that I should contact you, thanks for your time :)

Hi I send you an e-mail :)