Angry Indigo Child

I have only recently discovered that I am an Indigo Child. I was always quite angry, with my parents telling me of stories when I was a baby-an angry but mentally alert and VERY advanced child. I am a born leader, and I am especially intune with people's emotions (I can sense stuff even when they don't tell me anything). Because of my strong mood swings, I have been bullied and called aggro for many years.
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13-15, F
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It makes sense, but just remember that anger doesn't come from the heart.

I am really angry as of late. Its like I am supposed to be doing something but I cannot figure it out. I meditate and try to ease myself. Sometimes it works. Its hard to go places, so many emotions in turmoil. Does this make sense to anyone???

Yeah. Indigos have tons of empathy.

sounds to me like you might be an empath.

whats that? message me!

Empath meens that you can feel the energy of people more easily than others.
It is normal to feel anger, this world can be very frustrating. You must find out why you are so angry, but don't let it take over you. It is you who choose to be angry. Try to see the world as it is but don't let the things you don't like make you angry, because anger is useless, it will only make you react in the worst way. Choose to be happy whatever happens. :-)