The Road Less Travelled

I am an Indego child born in 1970 when i first read about such children was on Doreen Virtues website . I got very emotional as everything i read was describing me. I was always different . I used to see things that i didnt really understand and to be trueful used to frighten me like shadows walking out of rooms and my name being called although  no one was there. So i think my fear shut down my ability.I have been on an amazing spiritual journey. And i can say now through alot of dedication  and determination i concentrated on  self healing .  We musnt forget who we are . We are the trail blazers who dance to the sound of a different drum . If any of you still feel lost because we live in the world but were not of it. My only advice would be work the Chakra system. From doing this i have found my true Gift Of Divinity (GOD) for we do have our own definition of GOD inside of us and from this we go on to find our true life purpose. I am a healer living in Southern Ireland but by unleashing blockages from my chakras i have gone on to be a creative writer half way through writing my first childrens book which really incorperates everything i have learned . I feel very lucky to be able to share my knowledge with the world. And hopfully one day i'll be published ( watch this space).
Infact when i used to work in a holistic shop back in the UK (where iam originally from) there was a lady who caught my attention. And that voice that you sometimes hear in your head call it your intuition or the voice of GOD it doesn't really matter boomed in my ear , ask her what she does ? so i politly struck up a conversation with her  and asked her why she was in town. She replied that she was a writer there for some type of convention , so i went on to tell her about the book i was writing as she too was in the middle of writng hers . I knew it was a powerful sign from the universe so i am pursuing my dream of becoming a writer although i still love the healing work i do.
Also i went for a healing with a wonderful lady i know and from that healing she told me my spirit wasnt  really meant to be on this earthly plane and that's why i had found life quite difficult . Ive taken drugs ( as a form of escaping) and been addictive in many other ways but i can say that was all part of the learning process  and one that iam grateful for. Remember do what you love and the universe will give you additional help . Watch out for the animals that visit you whether in real life or your dream scapes for they all have messages . my power animal is the unicorn and i feel extreamly blessed that it travells with me through my amazing life. I hope some of what ive written has been helpful ( sorry for any bad spelling or punctuation) i wish you well on your spiritual journey .
All my love
Gabrielle xx     
onangelswings1111 onangelswings1111
May 11, 2012