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I don't know what I am honesty.I don't know whether I am a Indigo or a crystal.I can feel strong vibrations about people and our world.I have huge cosmic awareness.All my years of awakening I met and got along with the same type of people..most of my friends were Wiccan,pagan,people who claim to have to have special abilities (I had seen some in action.)I use to be so acute with my--I can't really say physic-More like strong empathy that was at it's peek I helped strangers who looked for guidance in there life, I've even help a single teen mom in summer school in 2010, she thanked me so much.I feel as if my lack of belief blocked that kind abilities of mine.There were times where I didn't know what to believe.My transgender sister is just the same way only she has been contacted by Venusian life.Sadly though, she had been abducted by Grey's and has the marks to prove it.

The Venusian beings claim that there was a war, a war of which was like none other.Alien humanoids from Mars, Mercury,Jupiter, Neptune,Saturn, Uranus,Venus and Pluto join in the moon.May I say more that this turned out to be fact, In the moon has ruins.I believe The Venusians and the others didn't won the war.I believe, that whatever was threatening the planets won the battle and that's why the Nasa was such a set up.Which explains everything.

My best evidence are the following:

1) Along time ago me and my friend who carry the same visions, we predicted that there was three females who guard the tower of the moon.That's funny my transgender sister went out with a occultist (Very rich man) who claimed that my bro who is now my sister, was one of those females in the tower.Which is also funny because in Wicca There 3 Goddess of the moon tower.

There is more but however it is late it's about midnight and I need some rest.

The Venusian aliens claim that there is only one city left in Venus, however it is more of a spiritual place.They say Mars is still living, that is all.

I am sorry if this sounds all weird and unusual but there is so much more to this than you think.Me and my transgender sister had seen Venusian ships.Ladies and gentlemen of both Indigo or crystal children despite the fact this is unbelievable but believe it or not, there are Reptilian beings whom are our enemies, I advise you all to remember that.They don't like us and we don't like them.Thank you for your attention.
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I am an indigo as well and only just scratching the surface of what is written about people like me. I am also an empath. Like you i have always been drawn to certain types of people. Mostly people with pagan, and wiccans, as well as other intuitives. I have yet to meet anyone who calls themselves an indigo/starchild although one of my friends is but she doesnt realize it yet. Now my alterior motive: to pick you brain a bit if you dont mind. I found your galactic history fascinating. Ive done a little research but have a hard time sifting through whats real and whats not. I have seen ufo's quite a few times but how can u differentiate between the kinds. I live in nyc and the instance that sticks out most in my head is when i saw a huge ufo hovering about a block or two from my house right over the rooftops of the homes and the whole thing was lit up. this is unual for the middle of the city but it happened. if you were to look quickly it would look similar to a huge blimp. (i know its not a blimp because they cant fly as low to the houses as this one was.) the entire thing top bottom and sides lit up and the lights bl<x>inked indepently and together as a group almost like following a pattern. also the lights werent like a bunch of lightbulbs but more of a solid lit up panel. most of the ufo sightings ive had were very quick and they were pretty far away. Any idea who these guys were? and any other history u wanna share im all ears =) thank again

Well I had many cases such as past life visions, I had a long battle with the Demonic (Not as much now that I am a empath), I've seen I have to say at least 4 UFO sightings.What I want ppl to know is that I'm also giving ppl a warning.I believe Indigo and Crystal are those who can protect our Earth from the Reptilians.And Yes I don't mine of your Alterior motive :)If you wanna you send me a personal messages.I am basically in this site to make friends with people like me.I would be more than happy to share my experience with anybody.I do need some answers anyway.