Eyebrows Up.

I have always felt I was meant for something really BIG. I don't know what still. The angels won't let the secret out until I work on opening the connection and love for myself. I recently found out I am an Indigo child. I have been on this path of opening the connection between myself and the divine for a while now. I can feel things. I use my intuition all the time, so much so it is automatic and I didn't even realize I was using it.

When I grew up, the divine connection was not encouraged so I believe that is why I didn't even know till now that I am an indigo child. Now I am working on opening the connection through meditation and prayer. I feel the need to connect with others who also feel this way and other indigo children who have already opened the doors and wants to help people like myself.

Thank you for reading. <3
BowLight BowLight
31-35, F
May 14, 2012