Child Of The Fallen Clock Tower

Granting permission to recognize ourselves as something higher, something more capable and endearing to be able to transform the 'non-possible' into the proof of light seems to take courage at first.
To stand at a peak of knowing youth but respecting wisdom.

Some of the old convinced truths constantly tell us of limitations or that 'you are just being too dreamy.'
'Too far off, too imaginative.' yet every day many seem to accept limitation that reflects our belief that we are just skin suits or shells walking around to merely collect 401k and fend off strangers that initiate fear.

But fear no stranger, and let it all spill. Sometimes it used to seem to me, that it gathered many ****-eyed looks or an impossible disconnection to live and act as my pure self in a place of a town or city area. That universal collection or ideal of 'the possible' seemed to gang up on the ability to express or offer ideas that would seem weird of unfavorable.
To know how frankenstein's monster felt as being warded off for something not understood.

Yet amongst areas without toll fees and where hills and motionless seem more truthful all those ideas of connecting to the dreams were taken more seriously. They seemed more possible, in a place where things were in not such a huge hurry.
..To be known as possible rather than simply laughed at for 'being too childish' as to wish a world to have abundance.

As a group mind, I believe, those who are curious for more or feel askew to be categorized into certain religion or even apathy, I think when we connect and share our beliefs of possibilities openly enough and without assault then we can open a quicker possibility to create those beliefs of a higher risen world.
A new group mind forms, and the opening of accepted ideas and expressions are allowed to communicate from the dream to the physical that much more easily.

To tune out of restrictive ways and befriend the ability of newer opinions and even ancient forms of respecting the unorthodox truths of each other..
LomeMartian LomeMartian
May 15, 2012