Indigo Movement

Lets start the MOVEMENT

I have read some of the entries by other members of this group and their experiences resonate with my own. I too, was introduced to the indigo concept by a friend and from that very moment, which was now almost a week ago, I have felt an inner desire and drive to create something big in the world. I have always known I was meant for something great and that I would change the world. I just reached the time in which it is going to happen.

Since I have found out about this intriguing concept my world has completely changed. My outlook on life has been more positive then I could have ever imagined, and I feel a sense of love and protection that cannot be only from this plane. It is as if I have found my calling and now I have the love and guidance both on this side and the other, to set forth and create what the world needs. I have felt a sense of Divine presence and information being put into my head. I know it sounds weird but something big is coming into place and we are the people who need to do it!!!

In order for us indigo children and adults to have the strongest impact we need to band together! I know that if you are indigo you probably surround yourself with other indigos as well. The first step is getting the word out! Discuss with your friends whom you believe are indigo and get them on board. A true indigo will know the inner feeling of purpose that needs to feed, and will join in eagerly. I have started a Facebook group called Indigo MOVEMENT so please look for it and join in. There is strength in numbers, and with the amount of indigos incarnated on this planet and being born now, we have a prosperous future full of change ahead of us!
26-30, F
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You can count me in.