"well That Makes Sense Now"

"Well that makes sense now" is a phrase Ive been using the past few weeks. Ive always known I was an indigo child and felt strange connections to the universe. Now that Im older and reading more and more the dots are connecting and I don't feel like a freak anymore. I understand why I get so frustrated with authority, why people who can't see the world like I do, etc. etc.
but mainly I joined EP because I want to meet more people out there like me and share stories.

I'll share something now and maybe someone in this group can tell me how to navigate this website better and chat with other indigos!

There are certain moments in my life where I look at a person and know that they will be important to me somehow. The second I see them, I feel like I know them and I usually see a thick band of yellow light surrounding them when I meet them. My best friend moved to my hometown her senior year and missed her bus the first day. Earlier in the day I met her in choir and when I looked at her for the first time I saw the yellow light around her. Everything happens for a reason- she missed the bus- I drove her home- we talked about life for hours etc...and we admitted we felt out of place in our group of friends sometimes but it wasn't until a few months ago that we made connections about our pasts. She came to me and told me she didn't want to freak me out but she had been having some pretty radical ideas about the earth, spirits, and being an indigo child. Of course I didn't think she was crazy because I always had the same thoughts! We put a name to our "feeling out of place" problem we always had, we are indigo children, and we desperately want to talk to others like us!
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hi there known you, i can relate to what you are saying for i myself hav felt out of place in this world also. if you would like to contact me feel free to do so<br />
good luck!

Your story sounds very familiar, life throws us these seemingly strange coincidences and occurences for very specific reasons :) I am glad to hear that you were able to connect with her on a deeper level and share aspects of yourselves that your previous relationship could have never allowed. Rock on!