This Sucks

im an indigo 19 year old male. i feel as if i am so stunt by this body and planet like i have so much energy and love and no where for it to be used i feel as if im gonna explode . i would love to help the planet but man the people here or the most part disgust me. i love plants and animales and dont want to sound ungrateful, but i honestly feel as if i was a god that got banished and punished and sent to be a mortal , ( i know that sounds bad but its honest) i feel as if i dont belong here and i wanna go back home. if i was sent here to help the world i sure as hell dont feel like im helping but just suffering and being confinded . if someone would please share theyre opinion that would be apprectiated like i said im not a ungratfull mean person just feel like this place sucks .
GageZachary GageZachary
Sep 15, 2012