I Am Kristal

Since I was a child, I have seen spirits and things that I cannot explain. It actually stopped for a couple of years, then started back up and got stronger a couple of years ago. At first, I would see things first waking up out of my sleep, but lately, things are trying to manifest before my eyes in broad daylight. I never paid attention in school, unless with art or writing. Regular jobs have drained me. I was always the best in my art classes, then my mom took me out of them in fear that being creative would not make me succesful. Everywhere I go people stare as if they know something about me. I have always stood out, but people where always jealous of me, and I never knew why. I think I make people nervous because most automatically dont like me, and go out of their way to supress me. People say they like my "aura". Some say I have strong vibes. Others say they see alot in me. But god tells me I am highly favored. That I am like a messanger or prophet. I am antisocial, I cant stand people sometimes, well most of the time. The only time i like large crowds is when I am drunk or in church. I started drinking and smoking because I didnt understand why these things happen to me. I am working on my relationship with god, asking him to take away the depression. Lately, I have been trying to just accept it, but it bothers me that i am so freaking different. Alot of things have come to my realization lately, such as what an Indigo is. I just now read about the Indigo people today, and it actually describes me. I thought I was the only one. Reincarnation is not real, but god has a serious devine purpose for us, and the whole world can see it.
hazel85 hazel85
Sep 17, 2012