It Gets Better

I was bullied throughout my childhood and early teens, there was always something. If I spoke I was worthy of ridicule and if I tried to fall off the radar I'd be widely known as the one that doesn't talk. There were suicidal tendancies but everytime I got close I felt that I could literally see what would happen to my family. Both of my parents are bi-polar, so when they got sick I became the care taker of my 4 younger siblings. I sensed ghosts and feelings, since I was a kid I'd been able to sum up a person and their experiences at first glance. I spent a long time feeling incredibly isolated and lonely. Until I met my partner (another indigo). I'm not psychic but I can remember most of my past lives at will, like a memory, and every single one Is from a past life. I've also met a mentor, and I believe that she is and indigo scout (the wave just before first) who helped me learn what and who I am, and also how to cleanse the energies in my house which is bloody helpful- if you haven't done it already get on it! it did take a while to get to a point where I can say that I'm happy but it's worth it. If you're and indigo who's being bullied currently, try to understand your bullies. A lot of us seem incredibly alien to others, and it isn't unusual to respond to unfamiliarity with fear or distrust. And hold out for friends that can love you for the wierd **** you do and say, they won't always get it but they're worth while.
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1 Response Dec 3, 2012

How do you cleanse your house I have been having this feeling of a negative spirit in my house.

I use a sage smudge stick. Burn it in your house or room and fill every corner with the smoke, it helps to clear away bad energy, and in the mean time before you can get some sage, what I do it pray to arch angel micheal for protection and imagine white light surrounding me. Sage is good to keep around the house for whenever you are feeling negative energies :)