Questioning If I Was An Indigo Child


So at 21 years old, I have constantly had the sense that I was meant for something more. Specifically I can date this feelings back to elementary school. I also always been told I was very sensitive, especially to the feelings of others. I would cry often in school uncontrollably if I became frustrated, and was labeled "gifted" although I only found out this later fact recently. I have had multiple occurrences with seeing people who "weren't there" since I was about 5. More so than that, knowing things before they happen. Although the later really came into full swing at 15. The most startling thing to happen was for me to wake up one night and email myself words that stood out from my dream, because they felt important. It turns out it would come to reference a shooting that happened 4 months later. When I was 17 I tried to contact my guardian angel, a friend said that anyone could, I tried and was able to get their name and see him intervene in my life often. Especially in times of struggle. I often struggle with judging people before i know them, and yet my gut feeling is never wrong. I can sense other people's feelings so easily, there are very few people who I have a difficult time reading.

I don't know if this classifies me as an indigo child. But because of all the strange things I have happening to me, I just want to figure out what I am exactly. Any advice or thoughts would help. Or if you want to know more details, let me know. I'll be happy to explain more.


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1 Response Dec 4, 2012

Yes! You are an indigo child! :D So am I. I've been through everything you've just explained, even the crying in class. We should talk.