What are Indigo children here for? Do we have gifts we can use?
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If you were an Indigo child you would know. Trust me, I am an Indigo.

My Grandmother is very attune to things such as indigo children, and she has taught me a little about indigos. Of course no two indigos are the same but it is my belief that we have a common purpose and a instinctive goal to improve the world in what ways we can. Many indigos claim to have psychic abilities or telepathy of some sort, although some do not, or have learned to suppress them. Indigos are also usually very creative, independent, and are commonly diagnosed as having ADD or ADHD. Some indigos are withdrawn and tend to bond with plants and animals, but still care for people and improving the human race. Adults commonly refer to indigo children as "old souls" or "mature for their age". Indigos will fight for what they believe is right. So that's what i know about indigos, but remember that a lot of this is just a generalization and doesn't always apply, the most important aspect of an indigo is the desire for positive change on a world wide scale.

I don't know if anyone has an exact answer. You can find a lot of vague ones about evolving and what not. So I've just accepted we're here for a reason, we've suffered with a purpose and we'll know what to do when we're supposed to do it. Probably not what you're looking for, but desperately seeking direction can make you more lost, I've found.

Ok thank you for your wisdom.