I Am Sick Of My Life

I feel like no one understands me at all. My whole family knows I am an indigo, but they all act like small minded 5 year olds when they are all 24 and up. I just feel so alone and just want to connect to someone like me, someone who knows what I am going threw.
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hey im 18 . im really glad to have found this site witch im exploring for the first time ive dealt with a lot over my time an what not , blah blah but one thing ive realized well a cupple of things . 1st the person is indefinitely right dont obsess too much i was once told that inorder to use the most strength wether it physical or other wise you must beable to relax the same with finding answers find the way to relax an look inside.2nd trust your judgement feel. in meditation you might hear about empty minds its not meaning have nothing in your mind its to stop the chatter an beopen to all(universe ) .peace

careful with how badly you want something, it leaves you open to manipulation. I've long since realized most people are vermin, and it's true to say if you leave an opening, one of them will find a way to exploit it.

<p>Same here! I can totally understand where you're coming from since I'm an 18 year old indigo that also feels like there are so few people around me who truly understand. Last year especially i felt like i was alone. But this year is going better so i'd be happy to give you whatever advice i can, or just listen to you if you need to vent!</p>

Thank you guys it really helps that there is people who care.

I'm with phantom on that one, you can always message if it gets too much :)

I know through what you are passing now, if you wan't to you can chat with me...