Chakras are important, they are the connection from your body/mind to your spirit/soul. There are 7 basic chakras if you are wanting to learn any psychic/indigo abilities this is the first step, ok so there are many ways to open your chakras meditation with chakras videos are good, you can also find a raki guide, or you can use chakra crystals. I recommend you try what feels most comfortable for you, they all work. I've never been to a raki guide so I can't say much about them, I've heard there really good, nice, energy workers. Anyway you may have to research it a bit to understand it fully but if this information is new to you I would recommend you look it up.

Peace to all
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7 chakras are basically crossover points of ida, madhyama, pingla (three kinds of energy nerve system in our body) where ida is positive, madhyama is neutral and pingla is negative),madhyama runs along spine its quite like medical symbol, however the 8 th chakra is above head not touching it in a lotus form from which eternal energy pours as life drops.
chakras are not active all the time, they get activated by various physical and meditation exercises.