Hi I was just wondering if any of the information I've put up here has helped anyone?. Like I said in my first post, in the last year I've accepted I'm indigo and I have learned and trained my psychic/indigo abilities I have learned a lot and I believe this information should be shared. Indigos tend to feel separate or cut off from the world, this happens because some feel they lack a connection to this world and without feeling a connection to the world or people here they don't communicate. The reason most indigos don't communicate is because they fear what might happen, maybe they think people will look at them differently. I'll be honest for the most part that is true, people will look at you differently but it's not all bad. Some people might not like you anymore but think about this. Do you accept people for who they are?. If you do, then you need people that accept you for who you are. If they don't they're not worth your time and you should move on without them. As for indigos wondering if their aliens, I can't say for sure but I can tell you what I have learned in my experiences. I have found that it is our spirit/soul that gives us our abilities. So at one time we were free of our physical bodies and we were able to go anywhere. That could be why you think your from another planet because maybe at some point in time you were on another planet in spirit/soul form with other spirits/souls which is why you felt at home there. That is just my opinion on things I have seen, everyone is able to have their own opinion. But one thing I believe is fact is indigos are here to help heal the world, there is so much we can heal with our abilities I believe it will help heal the world. What we need to do to start that is, we need to start communicating.

Also sorry I may have misspelled a couple worlds in my first posts like witch instead of which. Also witch is a label indigos had back in the dark ages. The reason we were called that is the same reason we are called indigos today because we have supernatural abilities which I believe is our spirit's/soul's abilities that we can use here. There are many different beliefs on how we have come to be here, where we've been before and how we were created. I don't want a debate on that everyone can have there own beliefs and faith. I am purely looking for common ground such as our abilities and other things we can relate to. I am a religious person and I believe faith is good to have. But people have argued for centuries about which religion is right and countless wars have been fought defending them. People have fought so much about it they have forgotten what most religions teach, which is peace, harmony and unity of all people. It teaches that all people are equal no one person is better because of their skin color, appearance or any other reason. All people are equal and should be treated as equals.

Peace to all
Indigogreen Indigogreen
22-25, M
Jan 19, 2013