Hey All.

I've recently stumbled across the term "Indigo Child, Teen or Adult". I'm 21 years old and I've notice from a young age...well I'm not what people consider "normal". I remember being 6 and sitting on our deck out back staring at everything surrounding me. It was like I was stuck in the moment. My hearing seemed to be amped and I was completely calm.

I never really liked being around people who would come over to our house. Any place where I could wander and explore and sometimes just be alone felt so much more better. In school I had a VERY VERY difficult time. I annoyed my teachers. I asked numbers of questions and I was told I was too "frank" or "bold" for a child. I got in trouble a lot for adding my ideas into adult conversations and I didn't do well being told to do things that I found to be absurd.

I wasn't a jerk. I always listened to my mother, I was polite and selfless. I dropped out of high school when I was 17. My mind was in a fog as I sat in class everyday. Everything in the classroom seemed to be a blur so I'd stare out the window until it was over.

Now on to some of the things that made me question my purpose or rather, if there was something wrong with me. Since I was 13 things would occur as I laid to sleep. Sometimes I'd just be on the brink of sleep when I'd hear things. Things like "Wake up" or "Listen" at first it would scare me and I'd have trouble falling asleep. Then it stopped for a while.

Then came the pulling sensation. When I sleep, even now I get this sensation that I'm being dragged out of my bed and to various places in the house. I'm not even sleep. It's always at the moment when I'm still awake but extremely tired. My eyes will be close and for example, I feel everything. The small grooves on my cold hardwood floor, the sensation of passing through my room door and even sometimes the chill of my skin touching the tiles on the kitchen floor. When I suddenly open my eyes I feel this rush. I also then realize I haven't moved at all.

Then there's something stranger than happens more frequently and daily. I'll be in the kitchen cooking or even if I'm just standing in my room when suddenly I get this rush through my head. It literally stops me in my tracks. I can only just stand there until it stops. It's like a tingling sensation and it puts me in a better mood but it also makes me wonder what exactly it is.

Eye sparks anyone? My mom says it's my bad eyesight or that I look at a screen too long. It only occurs when I'm sitting idle. It looks like stars and diamonds. Some of which just shoot past like a shooting star. This lasts for 1-10 minutes at times.

People true intentions.
I've been told I'm a very straight-forward person. I know what people are thinking before they ask me anything. Some people laugh and joke that I'm a mind reader but to be honest it's written all over their face.

Lastly I'll talk about my sisters thinking I'm weird. Everyday I'll do something that in their words is rather "creepy". They'll be sitting there singing in their heads and then I'll outwardly sing the part of the song that they are on. Not only that if I've been away from them all day I sometimes just get the feeling something bad has happened or even sometimes, they've done something wrong.

I don't know if that makes me an Indigo child, but I thought I'd share.
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I believe you are indigo, there are many abilities we have. If you want to learn more about them I recommend you open your chakras, I've put up a post of what they are and how you can open them. If you have any questions I might have some answers.