Well, Officially The Start Of My Time In This Group

You have seen me look (or as I like to say 'scout') around at this group a while ago. While I like the idea of indigos, I don't like the idea of how they are people born like it. I believe than anyone, with the realization and motivation can serve order as how you or I do.

I want to prove that the common person can become someone with ideals and integrity.

I think of myself as a common person, but however if the reality is not... then I'm not sure what to do in regards to the commons...

Now the reason I joined was to find a brother, a battle brother if you would like, to help in the fight against chaos. Someone who has a firm belief that order and freedom is the path we as humans should take to make the best use of our abilities (both mental and physical), and optionally someone with honor to their words.
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1 Response Jan 22, 2013

I believe all people are equal, we all have a spirit/soul. Indigos are people connected to their spirit/soul. I would like to join you in the battle, I've been fighting it for over a year.

I think I've been blocked because I've turned the adult filter off, people were trying to add me but ep wouldn't let them because the filter was on. I put up information for all so I turned the filter off

Also it won't let me message you because your not in my circle

Now it's saying I have to be your friend to message you, this is weird never had this problem with messaging people here.