Foresight is seening things happen before they do, most indigos have this ability. It works threw the third eye chakra, that is the psychic chakra. If you have had a foresight vision you know what it is and it can be for anything that will happen, also there are ways to change what we see for example if we see something bad coming we might be able to change it. I am sorry to say if you see a foresight of death you cannot change it. When it's your time, it's your time. I know someone that tried to save someone's life. She seen this person get hit and killed by a car she knew where and when so she pushed him out of the way. She did save the persons life there. They got on the bus, they got to his stop ( her stop was the next one ). The person thanked her and stepped off of the bus to walk home. He got hit right there by a car just after he got off of the bus. The person died and she decided to shun her abilities because of that, it is all sad. But things do happen for a reason, not all things are bad and sometimes seeing the bad reminds us how good we have it ( life, family, friends, food, healthy water and entertainment ) . I have put this post up to help people understand what can be done with these foresight visions, what they are and that we have limits in some areas. But we are limitless in other things.

Peace to all
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U r my teacher!!! Ty!!! I am learning so much through u!!! Ty again!!!

You are very welcome I like to help indigos understand and learn their abilities
Peace be with you

I have it too

Right now foresight is something I don't like to mess with all to much but I will admit it is a wonderful gift cause there are those days when you know you'll see someone you haven't seen in a while. But I think if your able to concentrate it (sit down in meditation and let whatever come to you) you might be able to get a full vivid vision of the future or anything that's about to happen. I've had a few times when I'll get a glimpse of things but it'll never be serious but when my energy is focused and it's at a level where I'm not affected by everything else because of my other powers it seems like it's amplified almost which is strange cause that's never happened before. The cool thing is that I noticed it but there's always the good and the bad that comes with it.

Ya that is true, in meditation you can focus any ability and make them stronger.

Yea and I really need to do that more often at least with the powers I have cause sometimes they can get a little outta hand or be a bit sensitive mainly my empath and telepath power.

True shields help with that

I have the same abilities

I have put up a post about shields

I've learned how to shield but I have to learn how to constantly keep it up and my energy as well cause they both go hand in hand, plus I recently learned that your body and energy work as one just about so if your body isn't up to par your energy might not be well at least with the experience I had

If you haven't already, open your chakras. I've put up a post about them, they are the connection to your spirit/souls and water is a connection to your body/mind, it can be used to recharge yourself, heal and many other things.

Well everything is still new and i'm still learning about everything and trying to take in as much as I can cause I have yet to work on my chakras

That's good that your making a start. I've known about this stuff since I was 12, I only really started learning about it and training in it in the last year

If I have any advice for you it would be this, take it one step at a time don't overwhelm yourself

Yea I learned that the hard way when I felt my shield collapse but it did repair my body cause I was feeling sore that morning but lesson learned I really need to train my energy

How do I meditate? My life has so many distractions, I don't know were to begin!!!

You have to find a nice quiet place where you can sit and meditate for as long as you can.

First step is to be comfortable so you need a comfy spot to sit or lay down, some like the lotus possion ( legs crossed sitting ) but the key is to be comfy, a quiet place is good either in your house or somewhere outside being one with nature helps ( atleast I find it does, freash air, calm breeze, birds chirping, I find it peaceful ) when you find your spot you relax your body and mind, sit or lay comfortably and close your eyes, breathe in deep through your nose ( inhaling love, peace, joy and happiness ) and exhale through your mouth ( exhaling any and all pain, worries, fear and guilt ) as you do this you will feel your body and mind relax and that's when you've reached a meditative state, when your in your meditative state there are many things you can do, it can help you solve problems by focusing on how it can be fixed and not on what's wrong, you can also do things to help you feel more relaxed through the days by telling yourself " I am peace, I am joy, I am love, I will treat people as I want to be treated and if I am mistreated I will defend myself because I deserve better " there are many other things that can be done but this is a good start I hope it helps
Peace be with you

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