I Was Always Different


I'm Ryane and I am an Indigo and I just always new I was diffrent and that I was here for an important reason, but i never new what.I believe in God. I'm not so sure about the bible.
People always said I have great understanding and words for a child my age. I'm ten and act very mature for my age. I'm clever , nice (most of the time) , I help heal emotions I guess. I feel like I can feel others' emotions. It scared me at first. Have you heard about the Crystals , Rainbows ,and cusp. Cusp is a crystal and Indigo in one person. My friends (i think) lie about them being Indigos ect. I don't see the point in that. We are not higher then them. also did you guys see the articles about how we are suposed to save the world. I do not think that is true ,but I dont know.

Lots of LOVE,

pnut682 pnut682
Feb 7, 2013