I Only Surround Myself With Indigos

Ever since I was very young I knew my sister and I were different. We could communicate without speaking from a young age. I don't like to use the word telepathic. Its more like, we were two people sharing one body... like when you talk to yourself in your head, you don't really use words, but you know what you mean, cause its YOU lol. We have always been able to feel other peoples emotions also. We can also influence others emotions. Growing up I always just thought that these things were normal for everyone, so I never really mentioned it or wondered why. It wasn't until I started going to public school that I realized these things would just cause me to be the butt of a joke, so I hid it away from everyone. The way I am also caused me to desire not being around others. Well, not everyone. There was always a few who I felt comfortable around, from time to time, and its those childhood friends that I still associate myself with today. We are all very close, and all indigo. I just thought it was funny that every good friend that I picked up in my life, had just about everything in common with me. We all just thought we could be telepathic with each other because we spend so much time together, then Arty found out about indigos. Nothing changed, except for our focus. Now, after years of practice, we can give
each other detailed instruction without words.. most of us live together, so, lots of practice lol. Long story short, im glad I found this group. My friends and I hope to meet some other people like us, bonded by these gifts. Indigos need to gather, and change this place. Thanks for reading.
thirdstarorion thirdstarorion
1 Response Feb 11, 2013

Grouping together, at the exclusion of the "norms" is hardly the way to "change this place."

Get over yourselves already. Your "gifts" (if you actually have any) were given to be shared, not hoarded.