Waking Up And Headaches

Hi, how many of you have been waking up around 4:00 the past several nights and getting headaches on top of your head and slightly to the right? I've heard this is happening to several of us and I'm really worried about what it could mean.
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4 Responses May 30, 2013

I don't really sleep that much at night but the past 5 days I have been waking up in the middle of the night constantly but with the times I do get to sleep I always end up in the dark spirit world and it's never a positive experience. But I will admit something is going on within the universe that is effect us supposedly a dimensional shift and a power struggle as well.

Maybe it has something to do with stellar movements or something with Earth itself. I wouldn't worry about it though.

And no, I don't remember waking up with headaches.

Is it a sharp pain that goes away after a few moments?

This happened to me a few months ago. It still happens on and off, but hasn't been happening as much.

Ok. Thanks!!