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I have been extremely sensitive to an unusual degree.  When I was only a wee child 6 or 7 years old, I used to use my recess time in public school to walk all the way around the playground by myself (many laps) for the specific purpose of "finding kids who were crying or fighting, so I could go help them".  Teachers were sometimes concerned.  As an adult, I work in health care (psychology) guessed it, helping people.  I find it interesting how I've been able to integrate many of my abilities in with my work...mainly, in presenting to people to find a higher purpose for any challenges that come up, in their lives.  I relish my "alone time", and am extremely in tune and sensitive to nature, also.  I have similar empathies for the little creatures of the world:  birds, squirrels, bunnies, etc.  As I moved into my teen years (and beyond), I began also having extremely profound, symbolic dreams while asleep at night that would clearly show what was to happen, in the future.....usually, many YEARS down the line.  There were times when I had no earthly idea what the symbolism meant (at the moment I dreamt it), but I became so "in tune" with these dreams that at times when I would wake up I would still be affected to the point where I knew I needed to do something specific (like contact a specific person, for instance).  Then, YEARS later, I could wake up another morning and have immedate knowledge of what all the symbols in the dream REALLY meant.  If anyone knows anything about this ability or has had this experience, too---please write a reply, or message....I have yet to find anyone I know in my area who has had these abilities.  I should mention my grandmother on my mom's side is the same.  She has the same exact "gift". 

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hi there...<br />
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well you do show all the traits of an well as empathy too....<br />
you sound very much the same character as my daughter and she is highly sensitive....<br />
indigos just want to make the world a better place the same as light workers and i feel that you fit into all categories...<br />
what a wonderful person you have become...<br />
the world needs more like you...<br />
blessings to you...