I am almost 100% sure I am an Indigo child. So a few months ago after I discovered this I told my friend who I believe is a crystal and we did a lot of research, but our paths led different ways. She became full of life and changed in a positive way but I began to get depressed and I had to start back on my anxiety/depression medicine. I don't know why this happened and I am getting very frightened.
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I find doing good deeds and finding something to focus on helps (e.g. school work). Getting depressive is dangerous for me because I tend to get very reckless, and that makes it harder and harder for me to control my emotional sensitivity etc.

Google the " Dark night of the soul," read a couple sites on it. It will make sense!

Thank you!

depression is one of the side effects of being an indigo due to the fact that we are highly sensitive. I've found that meditation, hanging with others of our kind and doing good deads help a lot.

Do you have any more information regarding the sensitivity part? I am very sensitive and this is probably a big reason as of why. Thanks :)

message me with any questions u have

I find I am extremely sensitive and it sucks

I feel things so intensely I cry 24/7.

yea same but there are ways to control the sensitivity.

for me it helping others getting lost in it and meditation

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Oh god the same thing is happening to me I feel like no one really gets it though so it's hard to explain to someone

Yes I know what you are saying I am afraid to tell people because I don't want them to think I am crazy. But I know it had an affect on me realizing that I am an indigo child. How did you realize?

I was just trying to find myself to know more about who I am and what type of person am I then my mom picked up this magazine and was flipping through pages and she came Across this page talking about indigo children I glanced at it and starting reading it it was really odd how much of it was true to me but I thought I can't be that but something keep nagging at me then about a week later I just started doing so much research on it I keep denying that I was but it just everything clicked you know how you can feel something in your soul I know that's kinda weird but I just it really started clicking to and I finally realized why I act like this or think this type of way for example I hate the systems today and all the conformity or I see things differently and think change should happen but every time I tell someone they never seem to really get it or they just think I'm crazy or rebellious. Every since I realized this it's like all these feelings have been pushed to the max so badly that it makes me feel really depressed it's so I don't know really hard to explain everything to people because I'm just getting told something's wrong with me and everything I just wanted to know why I am the way I am I tried to be like how others said I should but I just couldn't no matter how hard I tried then one day I just by chance came across that magazine and that's how I began to realize so much I really believe there's an invisible and right in the corner of our eyes and there just so much to this world I feel I just need to really change things, I don't know if any of what I said made sense there's so much though but this is already long haha

I understand you man, I am the same way. :)

I get exactly what you are saying I thought for a while that maybe I was just trying to convince myself that I was something I was not. But I kept coming back to it and I realized that if it felt so natural that it had to be true. And it answered so many questions.

Yes I thought that too as if I was just convincing myself I was this but it just it all made sense I felt like I could really relate to it I just felt it was right it explained everything I ever questioned about myself for the first time I felt like I really knew who I was

Have you heard about your chakras?

Do you see things that are really strange like sometimes when I close my eyes for a second I sometimes see people standing right in front of me it's scary then I see these things that look like orbs crawling down my walls and Auras around people and I see light the rays popping out at me like it feels like I can touch it and my walls it's like they have some type of energy I see them glowing and it's just weird I looked it up cause I'm always seeing things glowing but it says I'm going blind or colour blind a lot of the times I have hard times sleeping because I feel like someone is there just looking at me sometimes I even see things at my door but I don't know if there real and then sometimes it'll feel like there's someone standing right by me I feel some sort of presence then I'll start hearing people whispering my name multiple times I looked those up but it says those are symptoms of bipolar people

Yes your third eye

To be honest I believe most mental diseases are cover ups for more aware people and doctors use medicine to stop them from being so aware. So you hearing and seeing things isn't a diagnosis it is just you being aware. I have always struggled with feeling like I am not alone more so at night in my room. But I do not see orbs

Yes I've realised that's what doctors do if you tell them this they say you need some sort of help or think your insane when in really that's not true the orbs don't show up a lot they come out of nowhere and it's strange it's like I don't see dead people though sometimes the feeling like someone is starring at me really freaks me out a lot

I know what you are seeing is true and it freaks me out sometimes too it used to be hard for me to go to sleep

Like right now I'm awake and it just feels like people are watching me

Do you feel as if they are friendly or not

I don't think there unfriendly but sometimes it's just really freaky and it keeps me up at night

Actually the same thing that happend to you and her, happend to me to, but i was not depressed i turn a rebel and i started to be rude to people and get lonely and actually i have a friend to that i believe it's a cristal so OMG

That's so weird I really feel as if it can't be just my imagination

That's so I don't know weird lately I've been so confused it can't just be a coincidence

Me too I've been so sad and it just came out of nowhere

It's like not the normal oh I'm sad it's 100x amplified then I'll just have a period where I feel nothing no emotion to anything that would have made me feel sad, angry or anything I'll just feel nothing like I'm numb to emotion

I don't have that I just have been crying a lot

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