I have seen ghost since I was small but, I never realised that it was a ghost and I ignored this problem until the day I saw my grandpa that has been passed away for 20 years ago (I'm already 13 years old). When I told my mom, she took it easy and I was terribly scared. She told me everything that I asked. I always scared when I saw or sense a ghost. I started my training to watch a ghost movies and learn more about them. Now I'm not afraid of them. I don't think you should tell your friend about you are an indigo children cause, some of them won't trust you and called you as an idiot or a crazy person (based on my experience). I love being an indigo children because, it's fun and when you met someone else who can see those things too, I'm extremely happy that someone know how I felt. For suggestion: Everytime, you saw them don't act that you can see them, pretend like nothing happened before. If you react to them and they know you can see them, they will follow you or even done something to you. Well, nice to meet you all! (0u0)/
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Hi, i just want to say that i am an indigo to and sometimes when i see a shadow i get really scared, i can't pretend that never append, it's so not cool but at the same time it's cool because see ghosts and shadows is a gift, and that gift it's really rare to find in a person....i just need some help to understand this better if you could help me message me!!! I'm cassie burkhard :)
P.S: sorry about my English, i'm portuguese and i'm not that good :/

Indigos transit a very bright light so a lot of low vibrational/dark spirits will be attracted to us. It's important to always pray for protection from these beings and pray that your soul and energy be cleansed. When this first started happening to me I was frightened, but this has been very useful.

Ok i will do that next time thank you!!!