Indigo Adult

I was born in 1982 and for some reason I've always felt that I was different. As a child I was very active and usually rebelled against my parents and grandparents by always doing the exact opposite of what they told me to do. And I always came up with an explanation that completely baffled everyone, because it was so creative and very maturely thought of for someone my age.

I was good at school during the early years, mostly because I've always been very creative and have an extremely abundant imagination. However, I never liked studying much because I could never focus on just one thing at a time....I'd always get bored with it. The reason I did well in certain courses was because we mainly wrote essays and stories and thanks to my imagination and love of arts, literature and languages I would make up one story after another....always with good results. Other than that my grades were never really that good(despite the fact that I'm an intelligent person) and I absolutely loathed math, history, chemistry and the likes.

I've always had issues with authority and the standards imposed by society. The thought of the "American dream" with a spouse, 2.5 children, a house, perfect job, a car and a dog makes me shudder. Not because it's "wrong"(ugh, I even dislike the whole wrong-and-right-thing- it's so black-and-white). I just don't fancy those kind of expectations and ideas of how other people should live, why does it all have to be so standardized? 

I also had a lot of invisible friends as a child(that I now consider to be angels and guides) and I became fascinated with spiritual matters, reincarnation, spirits etc. already before my teens and although I've always had a certain sense of a stronger intuition, it hasn't really started blooming until my late teens-early/mid-twenties.

Finally I've always had a sense of purpose and I knew from a very early age that I would become something really big, no doubt about it. I've always been mature for my age and am extremely sensitive- the smallest things can easily make me tear up. I'm very emphatic, but at the same time I have a certain intolerance for weakness. I become frustrated when I feel that my rights to choose are being taken away from me and if someone urges me to do something I need to know why. I have quite a bad temper and feel a strong urge to help other people, I also love expressing myself creatively, especially through writing and design.

Actually I never really thought that I could be an indigo, but then I spoke to a woman about some of my childhood experiences and she mentioned this to me. Funnily enough she knew nothing about indigos, but a voice inside her urged her to mention it to me. I had never given it a second thought, but decided to check it out when she mentioned it. Seeing all those characteristics really became an eye-opener to me, it was as if someone had been watching me growing up and writing those descriptions from that experience.

I'm also really happy to be able to get in touch with others like myself, with similar ideas, experiences and thoughts :)   

Altena Altena
26-30, F
4 Responses Mar 13, 2009

Hi there, you sound EXACTLY like myself. Just looking to connect with other indigos please write back. thank you!

Hi there, you sound EXACTLY like myself. Just looking to connect with other indigos please write back. thank you!

Hi there, you sound EXACTLY like myself. Just looking to connect with other indigos please write back. thank you!

I'm a bit older than you, but you sound alot like me. I always felt different from everyone else. I'm very intuitive also. I can read people pretty good. Anyway, I see that you wrote this back in March. Hope you are still at EP. Contact me. I added you to my friends circle