I Am An Indigo Child, So What Now?

I am 17 and I am an Indigo Child. I knew I was vastly different from other kids my age but it wasn't until a couple years ago that I found the term that described me and even then I wasn't aware of what the intailed. When I had my aura read, the lady almost threw me out because she was afraid of what I would or could do. I later found out why.

I was always treated differently and always was ignored or picked on in school, even though I was nice to everyone I was the "don't go near that girl, she's too weird" person. The feelings were intensified since I live in a small town that isn't even a dot on a map, and I realized how truely different I was.

I had my first experience when I was 10 when I figured out that my imaginary friend, wasn't imaginary. I know it sounds like a textbook story thing, but as much as I have tried, there isn't much denying it. I discovered other talents when I was 11, 12 and 13 and are still developing some of them today. After my mom died when I was 14, some other experiences happened and I am now truely afraid to be in my house alone anymore. But that's a tale for another day.

I am an empath and clairevoyant amongst other things. I imagine a few of you have to be empathic so I was wondering if you had any ideas for frequent migraines. I have migraines 2 or 3 times a month and I guess its because I don't channel others emotions well. But I am open to suggestions on how to change some of this stuff.

Thanks so much and it's finally nice to have somebody to relate to for once.

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hey i get migrains about 1-2 times a month also so what you do is go into a vey dark room take a pill to help the headache be less sevre and meditate or sleep oh and great story!

my aura has consistantantly been a bluish color. everytime somebody has read my aura they get a funky look on their face...It's fine by me. I can't change it.

I'm empath too, but I don't think, I was an Indigo Child. My aura is mostly orange with slight yellow accents. What helps against the migrains? Hot bath, mint tea, relaxation.

Wow that's interesting. I am sorry that I have no suggestions for you because I suffer more from what you might call vibes from places rather than people. Other than that I don't have much of a problem with migraines. I was wondering though what your aura looked like. I had mine done 2x's over a coarse of 5 years and it never changed. It has always been big, vibrant red with a mix of yellow at the top or in the center. What color was yours? Oh and no physic to date can pick up anything off of me. They call me a black hole. I find that interesting. Sorry to ramble this topic just is very interesting to me. Good luck finding help though.